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Ada 60P - nature aquarium



Today's work; diy tool stand and added jbl volcano wraps
thanks guys, natural is what I have in mind :)

What about the fish selection?

I'm thinking of these:

simulans tetra or
coffee bean tetra (hard to find) or
hyphessobrycon roseus (yellow phantom tetra) or

And as cleaning fishes;

otocinclus sp. or
panda loach

What do you think?
60p is popular and great to scape so it doesn't surprise me ;)

Well, I've just added la plata and nano
Pebbles rocks.


Here's the not so definitive plant list (any thoughs welcome!):

eleocharis sp montevidensis
Anubia petite
Microsorum trident
Bolbitis heudelotii
Lilaeopsis braesiliensis
Marsilea crenata
Christmas moss
Hydrocotyle verticillata
Elatine hydropiper

Nice plants!
I’ve seen you added the aquasoil already. Do you know that it shouldn’t get dry so you should cover your tank if you’re not planting straight away

Didn't know this , had tropica soil before and let it dry for weeks before planting without problem. What's wrong with the Ada?

Anyway, Thanks for the tip mate, I've mist some water on the soil and a plastic sheet to keep some humidity in there