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Amano Shrimp Breeding Second Attempt

Got back off hols today to find one of my females from the first brood that i raised has berried. Hopefully in this heat it will be a short development period.
how do you do such green soup? some yeast? 24/7 light on?

I have just moved them accross to my green soup mix...and I have new larger growing tank with secret recipe mix!, picture here.

Hi, I'm new to everything aquatic and will explain more in newcomer section...if there is one, I haven't looked yet .
Anyway I was just having a quick flick through and this post caught my eye as amarnos and the lack of successful breeding or conclusive information on the subject is becoming an irrational itch I cannot scratch, in fact make that a full body rash.
Until a few weeks ago I didn't know anything about aquatics other than goldfish go to the toilet a lot, so sorry if this is a waste of time but I was just wandering if anyone had seen this guy on YouTube and if it is likely to be genuine?

The odd bits I understand about salinity and feeding seem to tie in?