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Amazon feature fish? (not angels)


12 Oct 2016
Perth, Australia
Hey all!
I'll be cycling my tank very shortly so i still have some time to decide...but I need some help from some wiser and more experienced fish keepers.
I'd like to set up an Amazon themed aquarium, I have a 92 long x 50 high x 36 deep cm aquarium and i'd like a fish to contrast a shoal of either neons or cardinals (when i get them), so i'd prefer them not to be blue or red and be a larger size. something similar to an adult congo tetra size.
I can adjust my water to suit any water parameters needed.
My tank will be a river looking planted type, with plenty of drift wood, rocks and plants.
I'm also planning some panda corys and a maybe few shrimp and/or ottos to deal with algae issues (not amazon i know!)
thanks for any help and taking the time to read :)
Otos are Amazon, & there are local shrimps, just rarely exported

You might watch some of Ivan Mikolji videos
Green Neon Tetra

For a feature fish, consider Dicrossus sp
I had a group of Dicrossus filamentosus, 3-4 males & 6-7 females that were fantastic to watch (bought as little grey juveniles)
With lots of plant cover they were almost always in the open, & would explore the tank as a group
(as you might guess from my linked video I'd choose P simulans over Cardinals & Neons ;) )
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It's hard to find a different colour in fish from blue or red

There's a few that spring to mind
Black phantom tetra Hyphessobrycon-megalopterus
Lemon Tetra
Hyphessobryco pulchripinnis

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Thanks for the suggestions, I like the look of the black phantoms, lemon tetras and from the video (which I really found interesting! :) ) diamond tetras, if I can get hold of them I think I'll go for the diamonds as they are considerably bigger than the other two but i suppose it comes down to which ones I can find here in Oz :)
Yeah they look fantastic! I think their larger size and much more subtle colouring would be a really nice contrast next to a shoal of some neon type (neon/green neon/p.simulans) although I've been to three different lfs and none had diamonds and only had neons out of those three :( I still have a few weeks (hopefully shorter if I can get some mature filter media) so I have some time to keep looking. At this rate though I don't think I'll be able to be picky about where they came from!
I would go for one of the pencilfish, especially something like n. unifasciatus or eques. A crenicichla regani would be an amazing feature fish, not sure how tetra compatible they are.