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How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

i got a email from a friend who said i should try
here as i was sick of the other forums and face book groups
PFK website, also from searching various aquatic plant questions online and being directed to forum posts here.
I came across Big Tom's "Tom's Bucket O' Mud" journal here and after reading some 50 pages or so of it thoroughly for hours with my mouth wide open and drooling, I saved it to my favourites. Then one day after re-reading bits of it I decided I'd check out the rest of the forum but I had previously come across this website via google searching specific questions.
From plain old google, looking at a number of sites, but seeing this as the most responsive and the community being very kind, helpful and not being aloof in responses. People are just willing to help and answer questions in a friendly easy to digest manner.

Keep up the great work and the community spirit. I think that is why it is successful.
Aquajardin in Gloucester pointed me in UKAPS's direction.
I used to keep a marine tank and visited the shop every 2 weeks or so, I had seen planted tank but I was too busy thinking that marine was the only way to get a striking looking tank...
When disaster stroke and I boiled most of my coral I went to Aquajardin crying and one of the guys there ( I think his name was Eddy?? Or something like that) just started to talk about planted tanks and how rewarding they were, and of course they had that huge planted tank in the entrance that was doing really well... He told me to look at UKAPS to have a better idea of what planted tanks was about...et voila!
I was Googling for info on planted tanks and initially found the US-based sites first. I thought, they don't look quite like what I was looking for so I added UK and then UKAPS came up and I was really pleased to find we had such a large dedicated site over here :)