Looking for a specific dwarf cichlid. Ivanacara adoketa

Discussion in 'Fish' started by Kyle Lambert, 28 May 2018.

  1. Kyle Lambert

    Kyle Lambert Member

    15 Aug 2013
    So as the title says, im looking for some Ivanacara Adoketa (Zebra Acara) for my large(ish) tank thats going to be given over to a Rio Negro Biotope. Stocking will be a pair of these absolutely stunning fish with Rummy Nose Tetras, Corydoras Duplicareus and Hypancistrus inspector if i can find all of these fish! I want to go with a biotope and if these fish cant be found i guess i'll try another area!

    If you know where i can get the Zebra Acara, Know a breeder or you are a breeder yourself then please contact me! Cheers!
  2. castle

    castle Member

    19 Dec 2015

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