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Midori no mori (until I can think of a proper name)

Well, I've just put a bag of Salvinia Natans in the tank and it's covering about 50% of the water surface (all down on the left of the tank thanks to my flow) and I've got another bag that should give me full coverage of the surface if I decide to use it.. I can't say that I'm particularly impressed by it though, I was under the impression that the leaves would be joined together by 'runners' (not the right term probably) but they're mostly individual or in small clumps (three or four leaves).
like most floaters it doesnt travel well as its quite delicate but within a week you'll have loads of new growth, all on runners, looking fresh and healthy. I thrown most of the original salvinia i got 2 weeks ago away now and just new growth left looking awesome ;)
Cheers Iain, yes I think that's the case, I'll keep weeding out the less healthy ones.

I think I might have over done it a bit :nailbiting:....


It's very dark underneath all the floaters so none of my FTS's worked out, there's not much change anyway.


I'm still not sure I'm loving the 'dingy' style, I'll stick with it for a bit though, thinning out the floaters should help. The fish seem to be loving it but everything is tinged with a greenish look that makes the tank look dirty.
looks good mate I actually really like the floaters :thumbup:
I loved the crisp, clean look of the tank until the floaters went in. I thought I might get used to having them but it hasn't happened, the green light filtering through the leaves made the tank look like it was dirty and full of algae, not really a look I'm after :lol:. Anyway, they've all come out now apart from maybe 10 leaves which I'm going to try and grow just out of interest, the tank's back to it's pristine condition with no ill effects from the lack of CO2 (it's back on now).

The point of this post is that I'm off on holiday for a week on Sunday and there's no one about to do my EI dosing, so I'm wondering what the best option is....

Lights and CO2 off all week with no ferts
Shortened lighting period, no CO2 and no ferts
Normal lighting, leave CO2 on (not too sure about this as I poisoned all my fish recently) and no ferts.

I'm thinking the first option will be best, what do people normally do?


Paint the inside of your cabinet you lazy chuff :p lol

Mind your own business Sherlock! :lol:

How about less light and less CO2, this will lower the demand for ferts but wont starve the plants. CO2 can't be overdosed (for the plants that is)

Cheers Ed, after killing all my fish a month or so ago I'm reluctant to leave my CO2 on though.
can you not lower lights and co2 and chuck a load of EI in before you go to make it last good 4-5 days ? sure I read someone doing this

I got back from a week in Paris and I'm happy to say the tank fared well apart from a slight blackening of the Microsorum leaves and one or two tiny bits of BBA. I slightly shortened the lighting and CO2 periods while I was off and it only had a midweek dose of EI instead of daily. Anyway, no problem, the offending leaves have been plucked and after a serious water change it looks the same as when I left (apart from the Fissidens which seems to be doing really well). :)

I've also got an exciting project to get stuck into, my sister in law bought a new chinese takeaway business with a large filthy looking fish tank full of unsuitable carp of some sort. I've been asked to rescape and restock it so hopefully it'll take my mind off fiddling with my tank too much. :lol: Low tech and low maintenence will be the order of the day!
Although I haven't updated the journal much changes are afoot.

I've been gradually switching to RO water (not pure, about a 70/30 mix) and at the weekend I rehomed my Columbian Tetras at a mates and added a pair of German Blue Rams. I've fancied a pair of these little fellas since I first bought my tank but was concerned I couldn't give them a proper home.

The tanks looking a bit shoddy at the moment because I removed a fair bit of Java moss off the wood to be replaced with fissidens, at the moment there are white glue marks everywhere but I'm not going to add the new moss until the new fish have settled a bit.... so I'll wait until then to get some photos up.
That's looking unlikely now Ed unfortunately :(, my bro-in-law wants to change it, however my chinese sister-in-law feels the bigger carp are 'lucky' and is reluctant to go ahead. Speaking as a man with a Chinese wife I think he's unlikely to change her mind. :lol:
My TDS pen arrived yesterday so I decided to test the RO water I got from Maidenhead Aquatics.... 240ppm!! To check it was working ok I tested my tapwater (260) and rainwater (17).

I'll be having words with them on Saturday. :thumbdown:
It's not good is it, surely they must realize? It's not the couple of quid that bothers me, what if I was relying on the quality of the water for whatever reason? If they are aware of the parameters it's out of order.