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Midori no mori (until I can think of a proper name)

Sorry, no new pictures but I have got some exciting news..... Krib babies! :cigar:

Actually, I realize that it's probably more difficult to get them to stop breeding rather than to get them to breed but it was exciting news for me and my family. There's just the question of what to do with them now, I've got the equipment to set up another tank for them if they can survive the first week or two but I'm not sure I want another tank to maintain and loads of Kribs to deal with, I'll have to think about it.

I could really have done with them waiting for a few weeks as we're getting a new carpet fitted on Saturday and I've got to move the tank back and to. :thumbdown:
I haven't got much to update, since raising my already puny LED growth is incredibly sloooooow. I'm currently having some minor BBA issues on the wood but I've started treatment this week. I'm just wondering if anyone's ever had the problem of fish eating their Amazon Frogbit, they seem to be deteriorating in health recently and I sometimes see my Kribs pecking at them, is this likely to be the case or is it probably something else like nutrients or too much flow? Several weeks ago they were thriving.

I've also been working on something in my shed.......


Opinions welcome!
Awesome wood.
Those small braches look like liana on trunk of big tree. You only need some liana-style moss or plant on it, probably. Maybe murdania keysak gently tied with fishing line, and a nice carpet of grass like (tenelus or hairgrass).
Cheers Alexander, it's taken me months to find the right wood, it's actually a few pieces but I haven't screwed them together yet, I think I might adjust the big root on the far left and I'm not too happy with the furthest forward middle root . I'm glad you picked up on the 'liana' idea, hopefully a bit of moss will make it look better. The idea is actually to keep planting minimal and low maintenence, I'll mainly use the plants from my current set up.
James, I think such great wood should be kept alone and not hidden with huge plant biomass. So your plan to keep it minimal and low maintenance is actually the right thing for me.
Only recently I began to understand the true power of philosophy "less is more".
I still haven't got round to taking this one down, unfortunately my new scaping materials are all out in the shed so I haven't had a chance to sort them out with these dark evenings. I've got a massive box of Manzi to use for my next scape rather than the wood above, it's just a case of finding time.

In the meantime here's some updated pics. As it's low tech nothing much changes, you can see just how high my light is suspended on the first photo, it's probably less powerful than the grobeam I tried for a bit too but at least I'm not getting any algae! Unfortunately it means that my photos didn't turn out too well though.




Edit: Just noticed I've accidentally put an old picture on, I'll replace it!
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Why do you need a plastic ring on surface? You keep floaters around the center of the tank? Just curious what is the reason?
Yeah, it's just to stop my floating plants from swirling about, they don't like it. The problem is the tube somehow reacts with my water and gives off a white slime!
Yeah, it's just to stop my floating plants from swirling about, they don't like it. The problem is the tube somehow reacts with my water and gives off a white slime!
The ring likely isnt Co2 resistant? The level of Co2 in the water column is causing the tubing to react. Use Co2 safe tube and it will go away. This is common with non polyethelene (Co2 safe) tubing.
After a year of having a carefree tank I'm having a few issues and it always looks a bit grubby, even a few days after cleaning. So tonight I'll be moving my fish into their temporary home and stripping everything out.

I spent most of the weekend staring at bits manzanita and I've got five pots of Christmas moss on my desk......