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My First Planted Tank (The End) Juwel Rio 125

Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125

Just came accross this photo, just to show my initial planted setup when I first started on the planting side, this is about a year ago when I got my T5 lighting.


Its come a long way since then.
Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125

Themuleous said:
Woo something of a change!! I love seeing how tanks have changed over time.
From my original photo there about a year ago a lot of the plants are still in the tank at present ;)
Can't believe most survided for 6 months with no ferts and no CO2!!
Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125

Wow, that looks amazing :)
Is that Riccia carpeting?
Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125

genesis said:
Wow, that looks amazing :)
Is that Riccia carpeting?
Thanks, on the first photo on the openning post yes it is, I had it tied down to a metal mesh, worked out pretty well for arouns 4/5 weeks then it would start to become loose and had to redo it again. I am now trying HC and glosso for carpet as you can see further along the post.

Thanks John :)
Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125

Just another quick update, I have now added the pressurised CO2 system, only been up and running for two days.
I have also moved to complete EI fert dosing with the addition of MgS04. Since the last update added a little piece of bogwood with some branches on the left hand side, and to it added some dwarf riccia.

For comparisson, this is two weeks ago:

This is today (moved the lighting a little back to highlight the moss wall):

This is a close-up of the weeping moss wall:

And this is a close-up of the glosso, did a trim of some older leaves that were developing some algea.

Thats all for now, critics and comments always welcomed :)
Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125

That moss wall is growing in nicely! The glosso seems a little slow growing in, but the CO2 and EI will sort that I'm sure. Good stuff.
Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125

Thanks Ed, the glosso is struggling really I think it was because of the DIY CO2 which was fine one day and didn't work the next, lets hope now that those days are over, the HC is not doing great either.

Nickyc, I have 2 Boeseman Rainbow, 12 Harlequin Rasbora, 2 Corrys, 1 Clown pleco, 2 Ottos, some guppies which have been in the tank for about 4 years, they just keep breeding in the tank, most fry get eaten which keeps then under control.
Also have 10 Amano shrimp and 20 Red Cherry shrimp (still deciding if I should had the cherry to tank or buy a separate tank for them, I might just had them and see), don't think I missed anything else. Since I moved to planted a lot of my fish have been re-homed (Some cats, loaches, etc...)

Sam, thanks :)
Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125

Another week, another update ;)
Its been a week since the pressurised CO2 as been running, I have noticed the plants pearl more often than they did before and its also the first week with complete EI.
I am noticing some problems though, looks like I am getting some tiny hairy algea on some of the plants and also some of the older leaves are getting holes when before they didn't, any ideas? Funny thing is the algea on the Anubias has cleared almost completely. The HC and the glosso are also not doing very well, they getting algea on them and the HC is looking dark green.

Here is the tank today:

Top view of the glosso:

Riccia on branch:

Another close up (have quiet a few trumpets of all of suden):

Thanks for looking, critics and comments always welcomed :)
Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125

Hi Dragon,
Lovely tank and great shots! 8) It takes a few weeks for the adjustments to be made internally. The carpet plants are difficult because they are in an area that is not rich in CO2. This could be a flow problem or you may need to increase the injection rate. Are you still not dosing on water change day? The problem is that the CO2 and nutrients are coupled so that an increase in one means an increased uptake demand on the others. At 3wpg you could bottom out on that day. Also, you don't need to add the Ferropol if you are dosing TPN or other traces.

Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125

Thanks Sam, if the wife likes it I must be doing something right then hehe and not doing anything special they just growing very well at the moment, when I brought the Tropica pot they almost died completly what I have now came from a couple of stems that I thought were going to die off too.

Clive, thanks for the reply, guess I will have to wait a couple more weeks and see how thinhs develop. I am dosing after water changes as recommended, and last week I added a 400lph powerhead that blows the CO2 bubbles right into the glosso and HC, will give it sometime now and see if that makes a difference.

Many thanks
Re: My First Planted Tank - Juwel Rio 125

Just a small update, this weekend re-planted the left hand side of the tank. The anubias were looking in pretty bad shape so cleared a lot of the old leaves, now I seem to have about 20 separate rhizones.
Also got rid of the piece of wood that was holding the Riccia, it seemed to be rotting away, which I am sure is not good for the thank, will have to figure what I want to do with the Riccia, its floating at the moment.
Seem to have a problem with algae at the moment not sure what could be wrong, CO2 drop checker is always green, dosing the recommended EI, lighting is on for 9 hours, only feeding once every other day over the last week or so. Maybe I will reduce the lighting. Any ideas?

Here is a shot of the Blyxa that is also looking in pretty bad shape and some of the algea on it, seem to have a lot of trumpets now that I got rid of my clown loaches :bored:


I also liked the effect of the weeping moss wall at the back of the tank so this weekend I stripped it down and double its size, now just have to wait for it to grow back.

I have noticed my cherries are now coming out more often into the open, for the first couple of weeks I didn't even know they were in the tank, now they are roaming everywhere.

Full tank shot how it looked after a good trim this weekend and the re-doing of things mentioned above:


Close shot of the glosso, its looking much better now, looking healthier after I trimmed parts of it with algea and also trimmed the ones that were shooting up vertically:


Any suggestions on the algea would be appreciated, could I be dosing too low? Should I double the fert dosing? I doubled it after the water change on saturday, will see how it goes this week, should I also do mid week water changes for the time being?

Many thanks :)