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Looks good to me Iain :) i found the same with floss, swore it was keeping the clear look but after removing it no noticeable difference. However, i have put floss back in as stripping out a load of the media only accentuated washing machine type flow lol
I've not used floss for ages. If clogs after about 2 days for me. Get home from work to a filter doing nothing..... I think my water looks fine :)

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So im now noticing the difference of no floss or purigen... day to day im more than happy with it but it does make clear images more difficult. So next filter maintenance certainly the purigen will go back in.

Well im pretty much back on track, flow is far better and the right hand side is picking up daily. Still have some BBA in the moss on the rocks which ill keep trimming out and it isnt too noticeable apart from after the moss has been trimmed back. All in all im pretty happy with the state of the tank at the moment and it should only improve now i have a few weeks clear of chaos to give it additional love.

IMG_4200 by iainsutherland24, on Flickr


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Again, no time or inclination for this for weeks now... Has been an ugly beast for a while but will throw in a little effort and maybe get an image for iaplc...


Gave it a scrub today, quick sunset iphone pic

Will dust off the camera sometime.

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amazing what a little tlc can do, how's life still hectic ? hope you get back on track mate

Well i found some time late last night to do a final pic for IAPLC, tank is in no way tidy or top health so dont hold much hope for a better result than last year, the up side being i did get a chance to do some movie clips i just threw together.
Excuse the dodgy angles and panning, was just trying stuff out...

may not be published yet but heres the link...

see further down...
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Yeah, it better be good now! :)
Haha don't get you hopes up!
won't upload at the moment..?
Will sort it tomorrow.

Just realised the tank is just passed it's one year birthday too, I have to say I'll never try maintaining a moss tank for 12 months again!!

Anyway, apologies, birthday video tomorrow :)

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