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Relocated tank saved


7 Feb 2015
I've written most of this elsewhere on these forums, but as I'm now going to keep this tank I thought I'd start a journal for it too.

Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 38cm
Lighting: 3x 25W T5
Filtration: A tiny little internal filter that barely works... (In fact it hadn't been working at all for about 3 months, but I managed to fix it during the tear down and rebuild).
Substrate: Plain aquarium gravel

The story behind this tank was that it used to be set up in my home office and had been for about 10 years. Previously it had been in other houses. However, it recently sprung a leak so I panicked and picked up a 2nd hand tank of exactly the same dimensions with which to replace it. I then however decided that seeing as the tank would have to be dismantled completely it would be a good idea to change the carpet and re-decorate my home office. This then led to the idea of a nice new, better looking tank - A brand spanking new Aqautlantis Fusion 100 was subsequently ordered.

This still left me with the problem of what to do with the leaking tank and how to house the inhabitants while the room was decorated and carpeted. So, I set the 2nd hand tank up in another room and transferred everything to it as a temporary measure. I was then going to move everything from the 2nd hand tank into the new one and get rid of the old equipment once the office had been decorated. However, now that the old tank is set up 'temporarily' in the other room I quite like it there so it looks as though I'll end up with two tanks. :)

This journal is for the old tank now set up in our 'beach room'.

Tearing it all down and setting it back up in another room was quite a task (blog post here: http://www.alananna.co.uk/blog/2015/aquarium-re-location/), but I'm pleased to report that there were no casualties and all inhabitants are currently happy and healthy in their new home. (Some photos here: http://www.alananna.co.uk/blog/2015/aquarium/).
Inhabitants are Cherry barbs, Flying Foxes, Dwarf Danios, Ember Tetras, Bristlenose Plec and some Amano shrimps. Here is the tank a day after re-construction.


I've since built up the gravel at the back and sides a little to give a better feeling of depth. Some of the Crypts have since melted a bit, so they've been tidied up and I've moved the Vallis in the middle over towards the right hand side as I didn't like it where it was. I'll post some more photos of it later now that I've moved things around a bit.

I know that it's barely an 'aquascape' but the initial plan was that it was just a temporary housing station until the new tank was set up. Now that I've decided to keep it, I shall have to work on making it look a little nicer. Any suggestions or ideas would be welcomed.

I'm hoping water parameters and biological filtration will be OK as I simply reused the gravel and water from the tank when relocating it. I did rinse the gravel through a bit though as it was filthy. I'm therefore going to do some regular water changes over the next few weeks as things settle down and have just tested the water this morning:
  • pH: 6.6
  • KH: 2ºd
  • GH: <6ºd
  • NO2: 0
  • NO3: 0
  • NH3: 0

In the meantime the carpet fitter comes tomorrow and I've redecorated the office so I'll soon be able to set up the new tank and start with a completely blank canvas on my first ever proper 'aquascape '.
Here are a few photos after a bit of a trim and a fair bit of crypt meltdown. I know it looked better before but I didn't want the Vallis to take over at the back. I'm also not too good at the photography aspect yet and this was a single shot whereas the one above was a photo montage which makes it look better.


The plants are ones I've had in the tank for years, but I've never really know what they are. Can anyone identify the Crytps for me please?


And a few more of the plants and a shrimp.



Thanks for looking,