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  1. NathanB

    The Crypt Jungle

    Hi Everyone! This is my 90L 60x40x40 Cryptocoryne dominated aquascape. The tank is roughly 2-3 months old right now, things are progressing slowly but recently I have noticed lots of new growth! I'll get this journal started with this photo and post some updates in the near future. Any plant...
  2. Walt1908

    Journal The Green Dream _ My Cryptocoryne infested riparium

    Hey guys, welcome to the journal of my self build riparium! After many many years of lurking on this awesome forum finally my own tankthread here :) Just for all you to know i'm dutch so english is not my main language. So it can be a little bit 'challenging' for me and you from time to time...
  3. N

    Cryptocoryne Usteriana

    Hi all! I need a help with crypt usteriana. It does not grow in my aquarium, I have hard water, CO2, EI dosing. Photopheriod for 8 hours. I read somewhere that it need some perido for establishing, have planted it around 6 weeks ago, but still stays in the same size and some leaves are melted...
  4. N

    Echninodorus Argentinesis, E.barthii and Crypt Usteriana not growing

    Hi all! So I have a problem with E. Argentinesis, E.Barthii and Crypt Undatulas. Those guys are not growing, however all other plants growing well and healthy. E.Barthii located at backside of the tank and been there more than 3 months, still stays the same size. The same E.Argentinesis it...
  5. S

    information about the Cryptocoryne ID

    Hi all, I'am trying to find out some information about the Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Mi Oya' and Cryptocoryne sp. 'Sunset'. Google research is drawing a blank and I was wonder if anyone may be able to help. Would you know if the Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Mi Oya' and Cryptocoryne sp. 'Sunset'. Are...
  6. oscarlloydjohn

    Twinstar 600e how bright?

    Hi everyone, long time no see. I'm setting up my ADA 60f again for my dwarf puffers, this time it will be a blackwater with some easy plants and no CO2. I was wondering how dim I should have my Twinstar 600e, I'm looking to grow Vallisneria nana, Cryptocoryne wendtii and Helanthium tenellum...
  7. Ray_Norwich

    A little low tech jungle

    Final full tank shot: Title: untitled Dimensions: 36, 36, 43H (Askoll Pure LED M) CO2: Colombo FloraGrow CO2 alternative (2mls daily) Filtration: 4 stage (mechanical, fine, carbon & biological) inbuilt in hood Lights: 7 watts inbuilt LED in hood Photo Period: 8 hrs / day...
  8. Gaina

    How long do lights *need* to be on?

    Hello All! My tank (Fluval Roma 125) is now 6 months old and ticking over quite nicely, apart from the fact I'm still battling a bit of soft brown algae on the glass. My water parameters are fine so I'm thinking the solution may lie in reducing the amount of time my lighting is on. It was on...
  9. Fiske

    Aquascaper 600 - Fry

    So I've spent an inordinate amount of time considering what tank I'd want for upgrading from my 45P. Starting out considering a 60P, from there on fantasizing about 90Ps and 120Ps (ignoring the fact that my floors seems to be made of custard). Back to the 60P as an immediate upgrade. Then I was...
  10. Conort2

    Reoccurring crypt melt

    Hi New here, however been lurking a long time. Wonder if you guys would be able to help me. Had what I would call a mid tech tank (due to the liquid co2) setup for about six months now. However I'm not too happy with it. I seem to get pretty much continuous crypt melt. New growth is fine...
  11. Fiske

    Secret Pond - Paros tank

    I've been alluding to this a few times. Originally this was temporary holding for ???, set up very quickly and thrown on a small stand in our bathroom; back in august last year... Finally got a few days of to muck about with fish stuff, and had planned to move this, and make a permanent home...
  12. Spu34dd

    Crypts not growing nicely

    Hi All I have some crypts (I believe the are wendtii) they are growing quite rapidly around my tank as in many runners, but they dont seem to get taller and thicker. The strange thing is when i first bought it, it didnt run at all and grew very thick and was lovely, now its had a change of...
  13. Kezzab

    Long soft water crypts?

    Evening All, Looking for suggestions for crypts that will grow up to about 30-40cm ish in low tech, soft water, conditions. For new set up i'm working on. Previously had lowtech success with: Usteriana Costata Wendtii Becketti Moehleni But had low tech failures with: Nevelli Willisi...
  14. G

    Video - Step-by-step Aquascape

    Hi all Here's a video of me aquascaping a Dennerle Scapers Tanks using some very cool plants, and with guest appearance from the legendary Stefan Hummer aka The Plantahuhter! I hope you like it! Cheers, George
  15. Kezzab

    Lazy moody Asian autumn ish

    This is my first rescape of a tank I set up in March 2015. It was my first tank for about 25 years! It was fairly successful, semi-low tech (daily liquid Co2, weekly complete ferts). This is what it looked like before I dismantled it. Onto the new scape, which is intended to be low tech...
  16. stefano-bonalume

    25 Liters - Low Tech

    Hi, everybody. I just wanted to show you my low-tech \ nano tank. The tank is Wave Box 40 Cosmos (25 liters), with a small internal corner filter, heater and the light originally included was a 20W Cosmos Freshwater, but I recently changed it to a 25W light (1400 lumen, 6500K). Currently I...
  17. Neil EFC

    Crypt Wendtii Tropica

    Just bought wendtii tropica and was wandering in anyone has any pictures of there's or info on size. Generally get mixed results when looking on the net regarding size and coloration . Thanks
  18. Neil EFC

    Cryptocoryne Green crisped Leaf.

    Could anyone tell me if this is the actual name of this plant (Cryptocoryne Green crisped Leaf) or there is another name for it. Not much info on the net, be grateful if anyone could help .
  19. Justal

    Relocated tank saved

    I've written most of this elsewhere on these forums, but as I'm now going to keep this tank I thought I'd start a journal for it too. Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 38cm Lighting: 3x 25W T5 Filtration: A tiny little internal filter that barely works... (In fact it hadn't been working at all for about 3...
  20. tmiravent

    Help, what cryptocoryne?

    Hello, I have 2 crypt's, one i believe is cryptocoryne wendtii brown, the other is similar but less waves on the leaves and also smaller. Older image. Actual image but with direct flash (sorry) , :angelic:. The 2 crypts side by side. C. wendtii brown on the left. On the right the other...
  21. Bufo Bill

    Bufo Bill's Boraras Cube

    Hi, this is my first journal here on UKAPS, feel free to let me know what you think. Some specs:- Fish R Fun 17L Cube tank (Open Top). Lighting: AquaRay 400 nano tile with controller set @ Photoperiod 3:15pm to 10:15pm, 10% intensity, 100 minute ramp up and ramp down. Filter: Boyu external, with...
  22. Tim Harrison

    Cryptic Haven Low-energy Update Pics

    Finally got round to stripping down my existing low-energy scape and starting a new one...Scape-Horn; so called 'cause of the pointy rocks...did you see what I did there?:D I'm using my usual mix of 1:1 moss peat and aquatic compost. Its 60mm at its deepest and the sand cap is a similar depth at...
  23. Nathaniel Whiteside

    >>Cabinet FINALLY together :)<< 'In my Dreams, I see Palettes of Green'

    Hey Guys, this is my first journal, and so is a big step for me, Into the world of Constant updates :P I've taken some inspiration, and looked at some peoples advice on here closely - thanks! So here we go. My aim is to create a rock based setup, using Ryuoh (sick of typing 'you' then having...
  24. Ady34

    Fluval Studio 900...'Dragons Crypt' Journal finished.

    Hello one and all, after spending many an hour reading and viewing some of the huge number of exceptional planted tank journals on the ukaps forum, i thought it about time i shared my 1st attempt at an aquascape. Having kept fish for about 15 years ive always been in...