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Sooooo when the next event??

wow i just checked companies house, wildwoods is indeed in administration. i was always miffed as to how so many stores in crews hill could survive all selling the same products. there are 5 big fish stores all within a mile. such a shame i'd better go spend some money and do my bit (any excuse) lol

a feb meet sounds good. where exactly are you Arana. i used to live in both bishops stortford and puckeridge, anywhere near there by any chance?
Arana said:
I'm in Rainham about 10mins from Lakeside and the Dartford Tunnel.

Looking forward to it all ready :D

ahh, i know it well i worked at Elite on new road for about 2 years.
haha, If you come here I live in a wood, which depending on who you talk to is haunted or prowled.