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Recent content by krazypara3165

  1. krazypara3165

    10L inspiration

    It is indeed. I came second in the competition but it all came down to facebook likes over the quality of the scape (my scape was rubbish compared to the standards on here!) However the two runners up still got £20 worth of aps vouchers on top of the tank that id won getting to the final stages.
  2. krazypara3165

    10L inspiration

    apologies, found the correct dimensions L/550xW/110xH/230mm but yes, i agree its too small for fish! hence why im thinking of a shrimp setup
  3. krazypara3165

    10L inspiration

    I have a 10l neglected tank sat on a shelf. it was loosely planted with 5 pearl danio's. most of the plants are long gone and there is only one fish left (god knows where they went to!!!) the dimensions are roughly 30cm long 5 cm wide and around 15-20cm tall any ideas on what to do with it...
  4. krazypara3165

    New Tank Cycling / Bacteria

    IMO most bacteria is pretty useless for cycling tanks. you are always best cycling them with ammonia. However some of the discus fanatics swear by biozym which they claim to be very effective.......I have not had experience with it but i prefer to do things the old fashioned way! ;)
  5. krazypara3165

    Is it Algae or ?

    Try reducing the lighting by two hours and increasing co2 in normal conditions you want the co2 to be a lime green. As yoube got no livestock bump it upto a light yellow :)
  6. krazypara3165

    Is it Algae or ?

    more information on the lighting could prove useful, however 8 hours seems a long time for a new tank, I usually start on 6. Also, what is your water change regime? you will need to do a lot more water changes in the first few weeks. Finally I cannot see any livestock in there it may be...
  7. krazypara3165

    Best way to get rid of snails?

    I have a 260l aquarium and assasin snails worked a treat. If your local to warrington i have plenty spare :)
  8. krazypara3165

    Manzanita Wood

    As people have stated you can get it from tom barr over from the us. the cost works out at around £150 a box including shipping but they are big boxes.
  9. krazypara3165

    where to buy plants

    Best option is to pop in to your local p@h and ask them what days they get plants delivered. they are usually in great condition if you get them on the day. apart from that the green machine have an online store with superb quality plants
  10. krazypara3165

    Playstation 4

    Apparently the UK is due a few bulk shipments of PS4's this week! :D On another note ive got two friends that have had issues with games freezing? has anyone else encountered this?
  11. krazypara3165

    Sunday afternoons.

    jeez thats brill! where was the venue? i must admit ive only caught a pike once and that was unintentional! Was fishing a small pond connected to the end of the st helens canal for small carp on sweetcorn and a small pike 3-4lb went for it as i was reeling it in!!!
  12. krazypara3165

    couple of trial shots on manual...

    Brilliant! its a fantastic hobby, but beware........ Once you get the bug it becomes very expensive! if i ever had to add what i have spent on photography equipment over the years it would make me cry!!!!!
  13. krazypara3165

    Sunday afternoons.

    Wow, cracking!!!!! what did you catch it on? I must admit ive not been fishing for a few years now, need to get back into it!
  14. krazypara3165

    couple of trial shots on manual...

    Excellent! its great to see people learning how to use a camera properly. what camera is it if you dont mind me asking? My two cents...... Tom is spot on with his advice, If you dont mind spending some money I would strongly look into a "going digital - get off auto" photography day lesson...
  15. krazypara3165

    Heater question.

    set it another degree or two higher :) i have a high tech led one that tells you if the tank is too cold or too hot or not enough flow and even that is never that accurate