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  1. Kalum

    Baby steps - (Caridina shrimp tanks)

    Thought it was a fitting journal title since this is me getting back into setting up a couple of small tanks since moving home and more importantly welcoming our new son into the world (who is now 3 months old). This will just be a bit of a fun Caridina (possibly taiwan bee) breeding project...
  2. V

    Help choose a chihiros light

    Hi all , Planning to convert my Malawi tank into high tech planted tank. Dimensions are 120*60*50 cm (L*W*H) . Ideally i would like to have a full coverage and power to have flexibility on the type of scape I can make. I was thinking about buying a wrgb2 120 and hang it to get full coverage of...
  3. Savi_g

    Chihiros WRGB II 120 HELP!

    Hi there guys I fear by letting you all get a look at my tank, there’s going to be a lot of opinions that may revolve around me changing things I’m already pretty happy with for instance, amount of plants, amount of fish, equipment and so on but I’m trying a new approach of spend less, do less...
  4. S

    120p Chihiros Selection; 1x120cm vs 2x60cm vs 1x90cm

    Hi! My name is Robin. I am from the Netherlands. Obviously the ukaps forum has been a welcome resource over the past years. I read and searched a lot on the ukaps forum, but couldn't find a suitable answer to my specific question. So I decided to register and ask it here, hoping it would bring...
  5. Kalum

    Progression - ADA 75P - partially planted

    My previous scape in this tank ended here: The Island - ADA 75P - It's been a while.... Easy title as i'm hoping that after just 3 years in hobby i've at least progressed a tiny bit and able to put into practice what i've learned so far (with a lot still to learn). Main idea of this scape will...
  6. CooKieS

    ‘Lazarus’...80x40x40, back on track!

    Hi guys, Finally, going to sale my beloved Ada 60p for something bigger; an optiwhite 80x40x40. Plans? Making it in the top 50 at Iaplc 2021. :)lol:) Received the black cabinet today, now I’m starting to look for new filtration, what would you guys recommend (it’s 128liters tank)? Looking for...
  7. E

    Dosing hydrogen peroxide H2O2 with dosing pumps and diffuser?

    Hi guys, after seeing how Chihiros / Twinstar and Söchtinger Oxydator work, then I got the idea about why not dose H2O2 with a dosing pump in small quantities so with an difuser so this, AFAIK you will oxygenate the water and will also apply the Oxydator as the Söchtinger Oxydator and also will...
  8. Hanuman

    Chihiros Commander 4 - v2

    Hello all, Just wanted to share my experience about pushing Chihiros into modifying their Commander 4 controller. Some quick background first. Earlier this year when I purchased the WRGB90 light with the Commander 4 I was initially satisfied with it. Things started to turn sour when I noticed...
  9. Akwarysta_pl

    054l - My own Borneo

    Hello; I want to present my aquarium which was arranged by the way of buying of some new plants. I had to put them to the aquarium without any idea concerning scape and I had collect another plants in the next days and put them also there randomly. In the next days I saw this all together in...
  10. Akwarysta_pl

    054l - My own Borneo - Michał

    Hello; I want to present my aquarium which was arranged by the way of buying of some new plants. I had to put them to the aquarium without any idea concerning scape and I had collect another plants in the next days and put them also there randomly. In the next days I saw this all together in...
  11. Robert Fletcher

    Twinstar Style Light for 800 mm Tank

    I have an 800 mm tank very well planted. The light I am currently using is an Aquael LEDDY Slim 80 - 100 cm. What I would like is a Twinstar as they are great looking and the elevated position gives better coverage over the tank. The problem Twinstar do not make one for my size of the tank it is...
  12. N

    Suggestions for my setup

    Hello, I'm setting up a 32x32x45h cm tank for high demanding plants. I was looking forward to this configuration: 1x Chihiros A 301 Plus 1x Chihiros RGB30 I made this choice because I read the A plus series gives a huge amount of light compared with the RGB series, which otherwise offer a...
  13. Matt Havens

    Should I invest in more lighting?

    Hi all, so i have a 200L tank from a well known and recognised aquatic retailer. I purchased with it the Fluval Fresh Plant 2.0 LED, around 90CM. Looking through the forums here and i am thinking that this will not be sufficient and therefore looking at adding either a Chihiros RGB-60 as it is...
  14. Shinobi

    ADA 60p "Reach Out"

    Hey guys! been lurking for a while now, thought it'd be my turn to take on an high-tech aquascape and would appreciate your comments and inputs as it goes along. Please excuse my bad English /: what we have so far: ADA 60p. JBL 901 Cristalprofi filter. inline Hydor 200w heater. Chihiros A-series...
  15. papa_c

    calling on chihiros series a users

    Need a little pre purchase advice, from the spec and other discussion threads they come with a dimmer prewired. The question is when setting the light intensity via the dimmer is it remembered and the next time the lights come on they start with the previous set intensity? Or does it have to be...
  16. CooKieS

    Nano forest aquascape, 45x30x30

    Hi there, Time to start a new journal! :happy: Specs; -45x30x30(cm), optiwhite tank -chihiros aquasky 451 -eheim ecco pro -jbl u500 CO2 Hardscape; -black scale rocks -nano tree roots -Ada Colorado sand -Ada aqua Gravel S -tropica soil+powder+jbl volcano Plants; -mosses (A lot!)...
  17. CooKieS

    New nano cube 20l...'bucetree'

    New tank, new hardscape...first shot; This will be semi low tech; liquid CO2, ada soil, ferts, mid lightning, any advices for plants are welcome! :) Here's my first list: Bucephalandra, Crypto.parva Anubia mini Mosses (fissidens, weeping) Thanks! ;)
  18. CooKieS

    Iwagumi 45x30x30 'rock'n roll'

    Hi everyone, Forget my bad english, I'm french. :D Here's my second aquascape (first one was an messy fluval edge) and my first iwagumi; My inspiration was George Farmer's incredible iwagumi 'one pot challenge', mixed with some mountain scape. Specs: -Equipement: -optiwhite tank 45x30x30...
  19. fleetEWD

    Chihiros A-Series, A601. 5800lm!!

    Good evening, I have just ordered this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Chihiros-A-Series-Aquarium-High-LED-Lamp-12-39W-Plant-Fish-Shrimp-Light-20-60cm-/111729624826?var=&hash=item1a039ac6fa:m:mudGGwV9cgXreAlM8LzLiPQ and am instantly worried about my choice. 5800lm seems very bright. It will be sitting...