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  1. M

    DIY How to make Micro Element Fertilizer?

    Hello friends. How to make Micro Element Fertilizer? products i have 1-Manganese sulfate 2-zinc sulfate 3-Boric acid 4-Copper Sulphate 5-Sodium Molybdete 6-EDTA 7-Ascorbic Acid 8-Hydrochloric Acid 9-Potassium Sorbate What I did is as follows, but the plants cannot use it, what is the reason...
  2. Courtneybst

    How do you fertilise initially? (Poll)

    Hey everyone, I'm curious to see how you start fertilising your tanks when using fresh aquasoil in those first few months. I've heard so many conflicting things so I'm intrigued. Reasons why are welcome too!
  3. Nont

    Fertilising Emersed Plants

    Hi everyone, I currently fertilise my emersed plants with DOOA spray, however considering that I have more than 50 different types of plants, I don't think this is budget friendly. Since all plants have their roots in the water, I'm curious to know if adding liquid fertilizer to the water will...
  4. M

    All in One -Fertilizer making- Recommendation!

    Hello everyone... I want your help and advice. I don't know if I'm doing it right in all-in-one fertilizer production. I will be glad if you tell me the mistakes I made. First, I add them to the solution in order. 1-Fe 7% DTPA--I use 5 ml of hydrochloric acid in 100 ml of distilled water...
  5. Nont

    H. tenellum fertiliser burn

    Hello everyone. I think I added too much ferts and my H. tenellum losing their leaves and melt, even though I’ve done several 60% water changes after the accident. Is there anyway I can fix this?
  6. Courtneybst

    Can't figure out the IFC Calculator, need help!

    Hey everyone, I've had a few attempts to use the IFC calculator to make some DIY fertiliser and I can't work it out! I currently use Aquarium Plant Food UK salts to make their standard EI. However, I want to try and recreate a leaner fertiliser similar to APT Complete and use more root tabs...
  7. AlexFeather

    Liquid fertilisers - which is the best ?

    I am on the market for liquid fertiliser and was wondering what everyone uses/what everyone thinks is the best. Up until now I have been using API leaf zone, I like the product as it is a weekly dose (which I can easily remember to do when I do a water change) which I prefer over a daily dose...
  8. Savi_g

    JBL ferropol

    Hi guys I thought I’d ask about jbl’s ferropol. Now...regardless of wether or not it’s very good (although I’d love to hear your suggestions, thoughts and advice on a plant fert I can overdose without breaking the bank) I noticed that JBL now do a 625ml weekly fert. Because of the size of my...
  9. jaypeecee

    Cobalt and Nickel

    Hi Folks, I'm trying to determine if two trace elements - cobalt and nickel - are required in planted aquaria. Neither of these elements are listed in the index of Ecology of the Planted Aquarium*. Referring to James' Planted Tank**, I see that cobalt is present in both Seachem Flourish and...
  10. M

    Converting% Ratios in Fertilizers to Ppm

    Hello friends The% w% rates in Tropica specialized fertilizer (green) fertilizer are as follows. It is given as 5 ml per 50 liters. When I use 5 ml for a 50 lt aquarium, I wonder about the ppm values, not the% values. If there are friends who can help in the calculation and know the ppm...
  11. M

    Plants Yellowing and Failing to Thrive in High Tech Setup

    My 8 month old UNS 60U, has been troublesome for the start as the plants are failing to thrive and are yellowing, displaying some sort of deficiency. Further the weak plants are attracting brown algae and cyanobacteria. I've been working to solve this issue and get my plants healthy and thriving...
  12. Crazy_Walrus

    How do plants prefer their nitrogen?

    Do plants prefare amonia, nitraten nitrite or pure nitrogen? EG would the plants benifit more if I used a filter media that turnes nitrates into pure nitrogen that can eb consumed or gassed off?
  13. Crazy_Walrus

    Macro nutrients

    Hi, So I've been having issues with staghorn aglea and I think it's due to lack of macro nutrients. Can I use flourish NPK with my usual fertilizers to help my plants grow better? Neither my high or low tech are highly stocked
  14. Hanuman

    DIY Fertilizer Formula Recommendation

    Hello everyone. I have posted this in a facebook group but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I am tired of paying outrageous prices for liquid fertilizers so I though of making my own with dry salts. I know, there is a ton of info out there and believe me I have been scavenging the...
  15. Aqua Hero

    3 year old ferts still useable?

    So I decided to come back after about 3 years, I looked through my old equipment and saw that I still have my old Marco and micro mix in a bottle. Can I still use them after three years? If I recall I pre mixed it with ei ferts and used pure ro water
  16. T

    Aquascaper complete liquid plant food

    Hi guys. Ive started using the Aquascaper complete liquid plant food by George Farmer. Does anyone know of a list of ingredients? specifically does it contain iron? trying to get nice red colours on H'ra etc but not sure if it has sufficient amounts of iron or should i get a seperate iron fert...
  17. cozmoz

    Is this algae on my crypts or nutrient deficiency?

    Hi aquarists, Can anyone tell me if this is algae on my crypts or a nutrient deficiency? I am currently doing a fishless cycle and am not adding ferts to the water column. I will be adding lots of peacock cichlids on Thursday so I am hoping to get away with not dowsing ferts. Just wondering...
  18. oscarlloydjohn

    Favourite trace fert

    I'm interested to know your chosen trace fertiliser. I'm considering switching as I don't like the one I am currently using (APFuk trace mix). I'd assume most of you are dosing EI levels? Tropica, ProFito, Flourish? Chelated trace powders? Oscar
  19. oscarlloydjohn

    Emersed riccardia

    I'm planning to grow some emersed riccardia on rocks in my new tank. Does anyone have any tips? I'm not sure how to go about fertilising it. Apparently misted EI tank water is too strong. DOOA makes a wabi kusa mist but I'm not sure if that's fish safe. Any other foliar ferts safe for aquarium?
  20. AlexVojProc

    Hoagland solution as an alternative to EI dosing

    What is the Hoagland solution? The Hoagland solution is a nutrient solution developed in the 1930s-1950s. It was originally developed by Hoagland and Arnon for use in hydroponics, as detailed in their 1950 paper "The water-culture method for growing plants without soil". Since hydroponics is the...
  21. Kezzab

    Potassium nitrate vs nitrogen

    Hi, I'm 100% not a chemist, so go easy. There is a persistent cyano problem in my 220ish ltr sumped tank: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/stig-of-the-sump.48558/ It's not overwhelming but it's not nice. I want to address the root cause. Having read here that low nitrate can be an issue, i...
  22. Kezzab

    Homemade organic ferts

    Has anyone tried something like this in their tank? https://www.thenutrientcompany.com/horticulture-blog/how-to-make-your-own-liquid-plant-food-fermented-plant-juice-fpj/
  23. J

    Advice to help balance Aquascape

    Hi guys, My current aquascape is approx a year old. It has ADA aquasoil, a whole host of plants and drift wood, 2x T5HO, and is 96litres. I also use pressurised CO2. I have a colony of Crystal Red Shrimp, aswell as liquorice and chocolate gourami, mosquito rasbora, ottos and green neons. The...
  24. Phantom

    dosing problem

    Set up 29.9. 2015 The tank 80X35X40 cm, 112 l (optiwhite) Cabinet 80X35X80 cm (ADA style) Lighting 4AQUA 4X24W T5 (33 cm above tank), Giesemann Aquaflora and Giesemann Midday Filters Eheim 2324 thermofilter (Eheim mech, Seachem matrix, Seachem purigen, blue and white pad) CO2 4 kg set...
  25. Fissure

    GUIDE #2: Auto Dosing EI (Estimative Index) With AquaMedic ReefDoser 4

    Hi everyone, lurker here and my first post, thought I could add my guide previously posted at the plantedtank here. It's an alternative to the other Auto Dosing Guide for the Jebao. This guide has been tried on the Aquamedic Reefdoser 4. It is basically the same doser as the Jebao Auto Dosing...
  26. Insectkiller2005

    Ei Ferts

    Hi anyone used the APF complete ferts from apfuk ? If so is it any good ?
  27. Cherry

    Dosing with PO4

    Hi, wanted t ask why the heck did I buy a bottle of "Easy Life Fosfo?(PO4) someone recommended it to me but I cant remember why - and now having( a little) more experience and reading on here ,everyone spends theur time trying to keep the PO4 levels down? I don't have trouble with algae (crossed...