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Juwel 180 first planted tank


A up and down weekend this weekend decided to visit Planted tanks at Selby was very disappointed to find that have seized trading and now only do reptiles was really looking forward to visiting a shop that just did plants however not to be so this morning I visited along with Big Clown (Andy) Calder dale aquatics at sowerby bridge fantastic little shop some small but wheel planted tanks and the plant stock (all tropica) was in great shape came away with a couple of pots for the 180 unfortunately missing the labels but will compare them with the catalogue I got while there and list there appropriate names in the near future there still potted at the minute and sat in the 180 awaiting further attention later this week pictures to follow at that time unfortunately they did come with some hitch hiking snails which hopefully I will be able to kill off while the tank is fish less (suggestions welcome on how to do this).
While there I was talking about the rio 125 that I originally bought to scape and mentioned that should I find a nice large piece of bogwood I might consider doing a wood and moss tank as I've seen some beautiful mosses and always fancied a go at which point I was lead into a back store room and shown some amazing pieces of wood all submerged in a very large tank needless to say I am now in possession of a very nice piece and two tubs of moss looks like the rio 125 is getting started running out of room so this one might become my bedroom tank ! I can see another journal getting started

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70% water change this evening and a good dose of esha gastropex hopefully kill the snails off been picking of the easy to get ones with tweezers but think I'm fighting a losing battle time for chemical warfare !

Photos is week 1 after HC trim
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Bought a couple of plants a couple of weeks back same time I acquired the bogwood and moss for the 120 they are still in pots in the 180 (will post pics in a min) they hitched a ride on them plants lesson learned future plants will get a bath in snail killer before they go in the tank

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Happy to see that the 180 isn't a death chamber for fish put this chap in there on Monday to see how it got on seems happy with that in mind will be purchasing some more ottos shortly as part of my clean up crew

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Have you backed co2 off then? I thought there would have been too much in there for fish. film on top says not enough really. nice temp co2 fix on both tanks if you can maintain correct levels in both. you might need some Po4 in both tanks, I don't think there's enough in tnc complete if my 35l is anything to go by, I'm just starting to get a bit of GSA on glass.
Yep shrimp next and more ottos its getting bad hc showing browning on some leaves plants seem healthy but need to clear up that algae co2 backed off but steady supply still and same time period as before just ordered another filter a allpondsoloutions 100ef claims to have a flow rate of a1000 litres a minute ! Going to run this filter on this tank think with both we should be on top of it

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Lots of people have aps filters on here and seem very happy with them you can leave half the media out to improve flow because you don't need as much in a planted tank. see if anyones got any cherry shrimp put a post in for sale/swap/wanted. they had some nice ones at CVA last time we were there too. I want rid of the amanos and a few cherrys instead in the 35l
Been hectic at work and a lot of late nights so not a lot happened with the tank for a week or two just water changes however tonight I've added a all pond solutions 1000ef filter and got round to planting the potted plants that have been tucked in either corner on top of that 5 cherry shrimps have been added a little disappointed with these as they came from a eBay seller purely as I haven't had time to visit my fish shop to pick them myself they arrived today and all seem healthy the biggest being about 15mm in length easily spotted probing around in the HC carpet the other 4 however are mere small fry I fear I may never see these again I hope I'm proved wrong lesson learned buy from shop not eBay hopefully may get a little time this weekend to get some better specimens photos to follow soon

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