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First, really nice looking scape and the reason I signed up after reading here for some time.

Are these the correct plant species?

Cyperus helferi
Pearl Weed (Hemianthus micranthemoides)
C. Wendtii
C. Parva
Bucephalandra (what variety?)
Anubias Nana
Rotala rotundifolia

I bet the Parva grows SUPER slow in this tank right?
Is there a bigger retailer for aquatic plants that sell Buca? (can't find it on Tropica) It's one of the best looking group of plants I've ever seen.
I top up with tap water, but it hardly needs any because it has a tight lid.o

Out of interest, is it necessary to add a tap water dechlorinator if you just top up using small amounts, or does it become so dilute anyway that it doesn't make much difference?

Great tank, looks brilliant!