My First Planted Tank- Dennerle 20L Nanocube

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  1. Jop371

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    12 Jun 2015
    • Aquarium- Dennerle 20L Nanocube
    • Light- Dennerle 24W scaper's Light + Dennerle 5.0 LED
    • Heating- Dennere Nano Heater
    • Filter- Dennerle Nano Corner Filter
    • Co2- Tropica Nano system
    • Substrate- Dennerle Scaper's soil

    All plants are tissue culture plants.
    • Rotala Macrandra Tropica (1-2-grow)
    • Echinodorus Tenullus 'Green' (tropica 1-2-grow)
    • Glossostigma Elatinoides (Tropica 1-2-grow)
    • Lilaeopis Brasilliensis (Tropica 1-2- grow)
    • Rotala Wallichi (Aqua Fleur)

    After having a 60L community fish tank for around 5 years I decided to purchase a nano aquarium for aquascaping and shrimp. My aim is to start off with some slightly more hardy shrimp (Amano) before adding them to my 60L community aquarium and then introducing Red Crystal Bee Shrimp to my nano tank.

    Day 1

    All my plants had arrived in excellent condition from aqua essentials and it was time to start setting up they tank. I began by adding my substrate soil into the bottom of the tank before adding all of the hard scape.
    I then rinsed the gel of my tissue culture plants and cut each pot into about 6-8 pieces and planted them in position using curved tweezers.

    This is what the tank looked like as soon as the water had cleared.


    I added my co2 system after the photo was taken.

    Day 7

    I was surprised at how well my plants seemed to be doing after just 7 days. They had grown so much in size and the carpeting plants were even starting to spread.


    Day 10

    At thia point the plants seemed to have settled down a little bit and growth rate slowed slightly. I was having a few little bit's of sludge like algae appearing on the wood and base of some of the carpet plants. It was very easy to remove and I reduced the lighting time down to 6 hours to help combat this. (Any ideas of what algae this may be?)


    The algae in question can be seen under and on top of the wood-


    Day 14

    My plants are still doing very well and had a bit of a growth spurt. I the Rotala Macrandra a trim where roots were coming from the stem mid way up and I also trimmed all of the carpet plants. The Lilaeopsis Is spreading very well and sending lots of runners and new shoots everywhere.

    The water temperature was a little unstable especially at night so this is why I decided to add a heater. It just about fits in at the back.

    My zebra Nerite snail can be seen feeding on the rock in the middle.


    I'll keep you all posted on my tanks development. Any feedback and opinions would be great as I'm still learning the many things in this hobby :)
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  2. Fiesta90150

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    14 Jun 2015
    Growing really well :)

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