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  1. Gilles

    Dennerle 60l with plans to move to 250l...

    Hi all! In the past I've had multiple aquariums equipped with either sumps and sand filtration or external filters, all of them combined with massive PVC plumbing and 'bored out' AquaMedic 1000 reactors to increase flow. Some even had automatic water change with RO based on water sensors. I...
  2. L

    Question! - Amtra tanks?

    Good morning all! I'm a wannabe tank owner! Am doing some research on 30L nano tanks and love the Dennerle 30L but all appear to be out of stock during COVID. I've stumbled across the Amtra nanotank, which visually looks almost identical. Has anyone got any experience of the quality of these...
  3. L

    Return to Aquascaping (no title yet)

    This is my first tank for a few years. I had a lot of the equipment already,bought for a planned tank a couple of years back that never got started, just waiting for the spark of enthusiasm to get back into it. My first idea was to do a very jungle-y scape but after looking for sources of...
  4. E

    Replacement Ph probe for Dennerle

    So eventually it's taken me long enough to start looking at planted tanks, tropical fish keeper all my life grown plants here and there, but not a planted landscape, so eventually started with a Nano 20L tank to experiment with before moving on to larger systems. Anyway, I'm fortunate to come...
  5. P

    Which soil?

    Hi! I'm planning to rebuild my Aquarium Scape. What do you think, which is the best soil from theese? ADA Amazonia Tropica Aquarium Soil Dennerle Scaper's Soil GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil Dennerle Shrimp King Active Soil Please justify your choice. Thank you very much
  6. Glenda Steel

    Advice on temporary homing fish/inverts

    I am planning to re-scape our tank but will need to have temporary accommodation for the fish (5 Endler's Guppy, 1 Danio, 5 Amano shrimp and 5 Nerite snails. I was already thinking of setting up a second tank and thought that this may be a good temporary home. I envisage it will take a couple...
  7. oscarlloydjohn

    Hello from Bristol!

    Hi, my name is Oscar and I have a 30L Dennerle Nano Cube with 3 Dwarf Puffers. I have been using plantedtank.net for a while now and realised that most of the members are based in America so I have decided to make an account on here :) Here is a picture of my tank which I took recently
  8. BexHaystack

    Scaper's 50L - Slow Burner

    Hi there, I had to dismantle my other low-tech tank (40cm cube) when I moved house and decided to setup something new with bits collected from the Lakes in this Scapers tank instead. I found the dimensions so, so much easier to work with! The old tank was my first planted tank and a very steep...
  9. George Farmer

    Video - Step-by-step Aquascape

    Hi all Here's a video of me aquascaping a Dennerle Scapers Tanks using some very cool plants, and with guest appearance from the legendary Stefan Hummer aka The Plantahuhter! I hope you like it! Cheers, George
  10. George Farmer

    George visits Dennerle

    Hi all, Here's a video summarising my trip to Dennerle in Germany recently. I hope you like it! Cheers, George
  11. George Farmer

    How to aquascape a nano aquarium

  12. George Farmer

    How to plant a low-maintenance Nature Aquarium

    The video says it all... :)
  13. Ryan Young

    Dennerle Nano cube 30, lighting etc.

    Hey guys. Just purchased a more or less new Dennerle Nano Cube 30 for £50 after wanting something smaller in comparison to my 200l tank, my plan is to keep a few shrimp and hope they breed so they can be introduced to my 200l tank whilst keeping a few in the 30l. I love aquascaping and am...
  14. CooKieS

    New nano cube 20l...'bucetree'

    New tank, new hardscape...first shot; This will be semi low tech; liquid CO2, ada soil, ferts, mid lightning, any advices for plants are welcome! :) Here's my first list: Bucephalandra, Crypto.parva Anubia mini Mosses (fissidens, weeping) Thanks! ;)
  15. Jop371

    My First Planted Tank- Dennerle 20L Nanocube

    Equipment Aquarium- Dennerle 20L Nanocube Light- Dennerle 24W scaper's Light + Dennerle 5.0 LED Heating- Dennere Nano Heater Filter- Dennerle Nano Corner Filter Co2- Tropica Nano system Substrate- Dennerle Scaper's soil Plants All plants are tissue culture plants. Rotala Macrandra Tropica...
  16. Al404

    ADA 451 or Dennerle SCAPER'S LED

    Hi Is my fists post, i'm from italy and planning my new tank that is a Dennerle scapers 50L 45cm I already order the tank I can't chose witch LED light use and i ended up with 2 products, one much more expensive and i guess older since first reviews of this products are from 2012, not sure if...
  17. Jake101

    Jake's fix for the worst withdrawal symptoms

    Moving to an another country and going back to a student lifestyle, meaning changing apartments frequently and living on a student's budget, made me to empty my aquariums. I am currently looking for a long-term solution for apartment since I got back to labor force. Hopefully I soon have a place...
  18. LukeDaly

    A few nooby lighting questions!

    Hey guys! Again im still wondering what lighting options to go for on this Scapers tank of mine, I can get the 24W scapers light for £80 but tmy question is what makes it so special? Would there be much of a growth difference if I was to have say 3x Dennerle 11W lights? (Have one) and...
  19. Jason King

    Dennerle Nano Cube 30 Litre Complete Plus Aquarium?

    Firstly I wanted to say hello to all at ukaps :wave: I have been browsing for while now learning from this great site. I'm interested in the dennerle 30l nano and was wondering if its worth getting the complete set? I'm after a small all in one setup without the extra external filters, the...
  20. Ben22

    Bens Dennerle scapers tank

    Bens Dennerle 50l tank After a few years with two different types of nano cubes I decided to change to something new, something bigger but keeping the look I already had. After some research and looking at various tanks the Dennerle scaper tank came up and looked like a good option so I went...
  21. Sussexdiver


    Hello new hear from sussex
  22. Andrea Caramanna

    Aqua Q-be

    Hi every one, I'm Andrea from Italy and this is my first aquarium almost 2 month old. DSC03269 di Andrea Caramanna, su Flickr It's a Dennerle Nano Cube 60 (38cm x 38cm x 43cm - net volume 50L) - 2X Wave Zen Cosmos 2X22W - Eheim Liberty 200 - JBL Aquabasis - JBL Manado Flora: - Anubias...
  23. George Farmer

    Dennerle Scaper's tank

    These look good. New Scaper's tank from Dennerle | News | Practical Fishkeeping Another company switching on to the growth of aquascaping. I wouldn't mind one of these in my office, full of shrimp. :)