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Hello Lindy, further to my last post, although suggested that I was only going to plant Hydrocotyle Tripartita, I been doing some research as I never heard of java fern mini, and it seems perfect as I was concerned that typically java fern would end up being to large. Just only wish I could source some in the uk...as never sure about receiving plants from abroad.

Thanks again for your suggestions and advise.
Hello all,

A bit of an update, as suggested my tank has now enter phase 2 - the DSM phase, hopefully my moss will attach. I only been doing DSM and have already notice a some growth from the Hydrocotyle Tripartita SP I planted. I have recently added another small piece of Redmoor wood at the back which I will attached some Mini Java Fern, which I have on order from Aqua Essentials. I also have on order some Amazon Frogbits, which will be added once it has been flooded.


The device you can see on the left on my tank is my mini humidifier, which will hopefully help mist my tank, the humidifier will be hooked up to a timer. Currently i have been misting manually but as i typical don’t get back home till late have notice the top section of the wood gets a little dry. I am hoping to automate the whole misting twice day process.

I have now started to research water additive etc, and will some helpfully advise from a few people on this forum (thanks everybody :)) I am planned or have already purchased the following:
  • TSD meter, this unit also can calculate water Hardness (which was purchase from ebay very cheaply)
  • Azoo Max bio balls (also from ebay)
These balls apparently contains selected beneficial bacteria and enzymes, which effectively breaking down ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in the substrate and water. Which i though would be good given as this is a newly setup tank. Also these balls slowly breaks down for the build-up of stable and long- lasting bio bacteria colony in the gravel bed. A packet contain 10 balls, each ball will treat 50-100 litres of water so should last quite a while on my little setup.
  • Mosura mineral plus Ultra
  • Mosura BT9
I am aware the Mosura product aren’t cheap, but read some good reviews, I really want to ensure as the best conditions as possible for my shrimps, and assume using all the same brand may assist this.
  • Söchting Oxydator mini
I read the benefit of keeping a shrimp tank well oxygenated and read some good reviews, also given that my tank is only a 30L nano I’ll like to avoid add any more cables.

I also be added some Dried Banana Leaves & Catappa Leaves.

I think that about covers it, do any of you think i have missed anything or can suggest alternatives.

As always, thanks for taking the time to view, please don’t hesitate to offer you opinion and advise.:D
Hello all,

Further to my previous update, I have now hooked up humidifier to my tank, and it doing exactly what I wanted creating a very fine mist within tank.:happy:

Unfortunately I overlooked one small point mini humidifier needs to be manual turned on when power shuts off... Dow!:facepalm:

However I think I’ll keep switch on over the weekend (turn off at night) and monitor how it gets on, there is a low setting and have read in the instruction manual a typical bottle of water can last over 12 hours. Device will auto shut off when water is available.

I may need to siphon excess water out of tank as required...
Update time...

Finished DSM phase as moss has finally attached, also was getting bored of looking at a misted tank, so flooded tank this morning and added some Salvinia natans. i have also added some mini Java Fern but I am get some more mini Java Fern plantlets next week so will be adding them as well. Pretty happy with way thing are turning out. :D


Second picture showing moss on wood, hopefully will will get a good coverage, thou expecting a long wait :(.

The Hydrocotyle Tripartita SP survived the DSM phase and is also filling out, hoping this will get a bit of height.

I have also added a Aquael 25W Neoheater, it quite small about the same height as Dennel filter but very thin (9mm).

Tank will now cycle until all ammonia is removed.

Got myself a TDS meter, water straight from tap is soft and has low TDS level of around 55, so not planning on using RO water, but will monitor levels.

I think that's about it for now, thxs for taking time to look...

Salvinia natans
Nicely put together little set up:thumbup:

Thxs for the positive comments all :) , i had a lot of help from people on this forum getting to this point, thou quite a long way to go still.

How do you propose to get the conductivity up?
Hello Rolymo, i will be using combination of both Azoo Max Bio Balls & Mosura Mineral Plus, also got some dried Banana and Muberry leaves, was going to get some catapa leave but i read they can lower PH, and given i am also using ADA soil and fortunate to already have soft water straight from tap didn't think i t was a good idea.

But right now i want to ammonia level down first before getting water parameter right, so plenty of water changes.

Where did you obtain the Humidifier from?
Hello Nathaniel, humidifier was purchase very cheaply off ebay, it worked quite well, the only compliant i have was that i manually turn device on, had planned to put on timer but didn't quite work out as planned.
Hello Chap,

I've just tested the water parameter and to my surprise my ammonia level are zero (i tested twice to be sure), i am using API tester kit, I will check again tomorrow.

Given as my ammonia level are 0 i guess i should try and get my TDS up, and try to maintain it, but need some advise regarding Mosure Mineral Plus Ultra. Not sure how i go about dosing

Reading instruction on back it suggest for PH between 6.3 to 6.8 (which my tank is) adding 1ml per 10litres, should i add this directly to tank or should i treating as existing tank and mix into three portion and add over a couple of day as suggest on back?

Also as i not using RO water, not sure how much to add, my current tds level is 45 (tap water), how much dose this produce increase TDS?

Could anyone who has used this produce please offer some advise:confused:

Just add mosura To tank. Just keep checking TDS reading till it hits the number you want it steven. :)

Just make sure you stir it into the water when you measure and give the TDS pen a few seconds to give you an accurate reading.