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  1. LightingBamboozled

    Alternanthera Reineckii struggling or just settling in?

    About 3 weeks ago I added plants to my tank and cut back the jungle Vallis that was taking over in a bit of a mini rescape. One of the plants was AR. The leaves have been holey/melting since it was added and as soon as it's damaged my Amano's and SFF's are chewing through them. Should I be...
  2. _Maq_

    Maq's experiment 23b

    Dear colleagues, let me invite you to collaboration on my upcoming experiment. My workshop looks like this: Four tanks, each 20 litres net, arranged to maintain identical conditions regarding lighting, temperature, etc. The only difference is mineral composition of water: My method of...
  3. neofy705

    Staghorn Algae causes other than CO2?

    Hello all, I've set up my tank around 3 months ago. I got away with little to no algae but the last few weeks I'm struggling a bit with staghorn. I think co2 is not a problem. Lime green to yellow and circular flow. Could it be lack of nutrients? I only dose 4ml of TNC complete per day and...
  4. V

    Help identify the algae

    Hi all , I have a 30cm cube set up 3 months ago with Chihiros C2 rgb running for 6hrs with 30mins ramp time. I am struggling with algae’s I cannot identify. There are two types of algae mainly green type coating the leaves of Pinnatifidia mainly and black/brown hairy kind on hair grass. Any...
  5. Nont

    Diatom problem

    Hello, I’m constantly fighting diatom ever since I set up this tank, and its getting worse as time passes Details: 1. Size of tank in litres. - 70 litres 2. Age of the setup. - 54 days 3. Filtration. - Sunsun HW603 and Surface skimmer with 400l/h flowrate each 4. Lighting and duration...
  6. Nont

    Excess nutrient doesn’t cause algae growth?

    Hi everyone, I’m a bit confuse on this one. In another thread I want some recommendation on house plants that can quickly remove nutrients from the water and @erwin123 told me that nutrients doesn’t cause algae? This is a something I’ve never heard and I’ve been thinking about these questions...
  7. M

    Problem I've had for a long time

    Hello to everyone Guys please solve my problem. I do not know what to do. Sinobacteria abound. Plants do not grow. It has algae problems. Plants are shapeless. Tank: 120 liter - 31 galon Tank setup : 01.10.2021 Light :39*6 T5 Flo osram 865*3, Osram 830*3...
  8. Lance Wisher

    First algae alert ⚠️: Brown algae killing carpeting plants. Help!

    Alright everyone, First planted tank - 55 days in. See images for layout and plants. I've got 14 happy harlequin rasboras swimming around a fully cycled tank (still trying to keep nitrates down, taking almost daily water changes for that. But my carpet plants are suffering from a brown algae...
  9. jaypeecee

    Algae, Cyanobacteria and Plants - An Hypothesis?

    Hi Everyone, Based on a lot of observations and measurements, I'd like to put forward a suggestion/hypothesis. It is this: Perhaps cyanobacteria (BGA) and algae need inorganic phosphate (orthophosphate)/PO4--- in order to grow and survive. But higher plants (macrophytes) can use either...
  10. Spyderkoi

    Please help identify!

    Outdoor pond, 650 Gallons, 3 koi, 17 goldfish. All fish are healthy and water parameters are good. It is Growing in my skimmer box and not sure what it is!
  11. N

    Plant Help

    Can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with my plants, hoping someone has had this before and knows how to fix it. I have lowered and increased my lighting and neither fix it, I’m regularly putting In Tropica Plant Care so I don’t think it’s a deficiency. Possibly an algae issue but I’m also...
  12. algae_connoisseur

    Can you ever completely eradicate algae?

    I was wondering if it is possible to create a completely ‘algae free’ set up? Is it just equilibrium to have algae as part of the balance? Every tank iv ever seen has it somewhere to the naked eye, so what are your views Andy
  13. Nathanh2150

    Is this an algae I should be concerned about ?

    Hi all Need some advice about my aquarium bog wood showing signs of algae should I be concerned about it or leave it be.. Cleaning crew I have are 6x Sterbai cory (Corydoras sterbai) 5x Otocinclus Catfish photos below show algae This is only on the bog wood and nowhere elc in the tank.
  14. R

    Algae control organisms

    I have found guppies to be very good algae eaters. At least they did help me cleaning my anubias
  15. Hanuman

    Algae spores survival

    Question to the botanist in here. How long can algae spores survive out of the water, say on rock/wood or plants. I am aware that my question is quite broad and perhaps the answer could be nigh and day depending the algae type but let's start with just a few: GSA, BBA or GBA
  16. T

    Can anyone identify this algae for me?

    I've been battling this for a while now and it's started to completely kill off my plants now and looks very unsightly.
  17. Dogukan

    why my betta is unhappy

    i've got a betta in my 30 liters tank. i think i made best for h im but he's unhappy. I've bought him 2 months ago. And i've algae problem. What should i do? and i got video
  18. jaypeecee

    A Fresh Look At Preventing Algae?

    Hi Everyone! I have just posted on a cyanobacteria/BGA thread but felt it would possibly be useful to also mention it here as the subject matter is of relevance to algae. That way, there are two separate threads. One dealing with cyanobacteria/BGA (the other one) and this one (the one you are...
  19. BenjP

    Staghorn and trimming H. pinnatifida: how much is too much?

    Hi all, I recently had a cheap Wilko plug timer conk out on me, resulting in my Co2 running 24hrs a day for what must have been the best part of a week. I've replaced the faulty timer, but unsurprisingly I'm now facing Co2-related algae issues in the form of a particularly nasty staghorn...
  20. jaypeecee

    Lighting and Cyanobacteria (BGA)

    Hi Everyone, Some of you may have seen a thread I started a few weeks ago: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/cyanobacteria-identification-at-last.60496/ In the process of reading many articles and scientific papers on the subject of Cyanobacteria (aka Cyano), I looked into Cyano's need for...
  21. jaypeecee

    Cyanobacteria Identification - At Last!

    Hi Folks, Like many other aquarists, I have had cyanobacteria (aka 'BGA') grow in my tanks. And I started reading about this stuff. Of course, I initially thought BGA was algae. Why else would it be known as BGA (Blue-Green Algae)? But I later discovered that it's not an algae at all. It's a...
  22. N

    Diatoms, diatoms, diatoms!!!!

    Hi guys. Firstly I am new to this lovely hobby and what a hobby it is! Had my 110l scape set up for three months now and I've suffered with diatoms for atleast 6 weeks. I dose tropica specialised 1 pump a day, I would say its a low energy system however the plants haven't really responded well...
  23. P

    Algae in my thank, please help me.

    Hi! There is a large amount of green algae in my aquarium. What could be the reason? Tank specifications - 60x40x40 - 96litre Lighting - T5 96W - 7 hours(From 15:00 to 21:00) CO2 - Pressurised from(From 13:00 to 21:00) Filtration - Eheim 2075 with Seachem Matrix Fertilisation routine -...
  24. Tudor Williams

    Can anyone tell me what this is keeps coming back

    I don’t know what this is it keeps coming back after I remove it, it seems to grow it’s a greyish white colour any ideas?
  25. NayrP

    Need help identifying algae

    Can you guys help me out in identifying the algae that I am fighting with? It's been popping up no my hardscape and on my carpeting and slower growing plants (Anubias, buces, S. Repens etc.) And also on most leaves that are slightly shaded. Have my CO2 cranked up as high as I safely can with my...
  26. K

    Unusual light set up. Too much light, or too little. How to adjust my mistakes in lighting

    I have two newly set up low tech planted tanks, they are identical second hand models (old fluval 10gallon tanks). With single 15w t8 light fittings. The first tank I set up I put an Arcadia tropical bulb in and many of my plants grew leggy and died very quickly. I have changed many species and...
  27. Geraint Anderson

    Why add fertilisers and additional plants to combat algae?

    Hi, I've had my tank set up almost a month and am looking to start adding fertilisers which I'm probably going to use the Estimative Index. But there seems to be conflicting information about the nutrients in the tank, so I think I'm missing something. On the one hand, all the information...
  28. P

    Can’t seem to get rid of this algae

    Hi, I have this black spot type algae which covers my anubias and hardscape etc, tried spot dosing with excel but this didn’t seem to make a difference. Wondering how I should control it. It’s been around for 8-12 months almost now. Tank specifications - 300l with 50-60l sump Lighting - Finnex...
  29. Crazy_Walrus

    Macro nutrients

    Hi, So I've been having issues with staghorn aglea and I think it's due to lack of macro nutrients. Can I use flourish NPK with my usual fertilizers to help my plants grow better? Neither my high or low tech are highly stocked
  30. G

    What algae is this?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, but a long time lurker. I recently got bitten by the aquarium bug and have been so happy starting out with this hobby. Throughout my 3-4 months in the hobby I've encountered a few problems on the way, but nothing too serious. Currently, I have a small...
  31. plantman123

    I Stopped BBA without any chemicals or water change

    Been battling it for a month. Using toothbrush to scrape it off plants. The worst part was the sponge filter it loves porus materials. I didn't think it would work or in fact would make it worse.. but thought I would try it as a last resort option. I completely shut off the co2 and after a...
  32. Aqua Hero

    First month of an aquascape

    So you've planted a bunch of in-virto plants and have flooded the tank. You got the co2 running, lights on and filter flowing. Now what? Currently with my tank, some of the plants are melting back (which is to be expected), the light is on the lowest setting running for 6 hours and co2 is on...
  33. Phil63

    What have i been growing!!

    Hi Guys, I need some help. I have a high tech planted tank and we've certainly had our ups and downs. Recently (the last 6 months) everything has been fine. I have a large piece of vertical wood positioned in the center of my tank and I had what I thought was some moss growing on the top. It...
  34. C

    Help! Struggling as a beginner

    Hello all, looking for some help with some new developments in my planted aquarium. I have an ADA 60f, using a cookie+ light with CO2 injection. Tank has been set up with plants for about 4 weeks now, had no problems at all before today. I added 14 red cherry shrimp 2 weeks ago, I’ve since added...
  35. C

    Brown algae problems

    Hello, I have just recently started a night tech planted tank. The tank has now been running for about a month now and I still cant seem to get rid of the brown algae. Does anybody know how long does this kind of algae stays around for? My ammonia and nitrite levels are still up a bit. Does...
  36. cozmoz

    Is this algae on my crypts or nutrient deficiency?

    Hi aquarists, Can anyone tell me if this is algae on my crypts or a nutrient deficiency? I am currently doing a fishless cycle and am not adding ferts to the water column. I will be adding lots of peacock cichlids on Thursday so I am hoping to get away with not dowsing ferts. Just wondering...
  37. Sammy Islam

    Algae - co2 and fluval F&p 2.0

    Hello i'm new to this forum but have been ghosting for years. I have been battling algae for a while and i'm starting to give up, its not bad but very fustrating trying to balance everything. mainly on the annubias and some buce, but also some bba on the tips of my tall cryps and they started...
  38. FJK_12

    Excel Overdose

    Hi all, I've frankly had enough of the hair/brown algae in my tank and despite using every method in the book and reducing light/increase co2 and manual removal, I'm still getting this stuff months on from set up. Although not as bad as it was its incredibly difficult to get rid of from my MC...
  39. M

    Hello all from Worcester!

    Hello everyone, I’m new to online forums altogether so not too sure what to expect. A little nervous. I’ve had fish tanks for many years all under 90 litres, no live plants. Not come across too many problems. Although I think I may believe in a lot of misinformation. So that’s one reason I’m...
  40. C


    Hi all 1st time post so please be gentle ☺️ So... I’ve had my tank for a couple years and been trying plants for around 6-8 months. Really struggling with BBA and holes in my amazon sword. I’m trying low tech with regular (weekly) water changes of 50%. Don’t dose anything in there. Done...
  41. S

    Please help identify algae.

    Hi, This is my new tank 6 weeks old and since last week I have there this algae. https://imgur.com/a/BUTxGu9 Light 5h and I am dosing liquid CO2. Anybody knows what algae is it? Maybe dead green algae because of that liquid CO2? Thanks Ph 6,8 Kh 4-5 Gh 5-7 NO2 0 No3 25
  42. Glenda Steel

    Aquarium size and algae?

    Firstly I apologise if I've posted in the wrong area, I can't seem to find a section on Aquariums (i.e. the actual glass tank). We're thinking of purchasing a second tank and I've been looking at various sizes of nano tanks (up to 55l). Can anyone tell me if the smaller nano tanks (ie the...
  43. Nigel95

    Good way to remove organic waste / detritus

    Thought I should post it here as in my journal I don't reach everyone. IMO this is a very simple, cheap but effective method to keep the tank clean as possible. To much can organic waste can trigger algae like BBA (which we all hate don't we). Items needed: Turkey baster Hose (I use a 9/12...
  44. Jezmond

    Do I need to add ferts with liquid co2

    I have a well stocked year old 125l tank with just sand substrate and 15 recently added plants which are a mix of crypts, java fern, anubias, swords, rotalia, cabomba and ludwigia peruviana. Lights are 2 X 20watt t8 and 1 Arcadia stretch 24watt led. I'm adding JBL ferropol weekly and 2 ml...
  45. scoobiemandan

    GSA and Phosphate

    Tank - Jewel Trigon 350 Lighting - Jewel Helialux 54W and cheap white LED strip at rear CO2 - Easylife Liquid Carbon (6ml every day prior to lights on) Filtration - Fluval 306/1150lph and APS EFX+2000/2000lph Fertilisation routine - Easylife Profito (30ml weekly after water change) Maintenance...
  46. M

    Cladophora and Black beard algae

    Hello everyone, Can i use hydrogen peroxide and easy carbo at same time to treat these two algae? They are all over the rocks and the wood.
  47. techfool

    Is my windowsill vase doomed?

    I started a 6 litre vase a few weeks ago: Light: sunlight only (you know where this is going already) from sitting on a windowsill that gets good morning sun and catches the mid-day sun just cos that is so powerful. Flora: Brazilian Pennywort, Frogbit, Watersprite, Java Fern, Sag. Subulata...
  48. Aqua Hero

    Brown algae crisis

    Right so I started a new scape a few weeks ago and at the start it was good. The monte carlo carpet was growing fast and the moss was transitionin well. Then after 1 1/2 weeks I decided to dose my ei ferts (I hadn't used it in several months). A few weeks later I get this brown algae plague. I...
  49. D

    Mass algae invasion..Help please!

    Hi all, First, thank you in advance for all your interest on my problem. A started a 300L planted tank 7 months ago. Specifications: - Lightning: 3 * Chihiros A series (1*A901 + 2* A501) for a total of 17800 Lumen , dimmed at 6/7 power each. 7Hour/day (enough..?) - Fluval...
  50. Kezzab

    Is more light ever the answer to an algae issue?

    It's all in the title really. I ask because specifically I am running a planted sump. The plants in my display tank suffer from a bit of black fuzz algae, the plants in the sump are clean as a whistle. The only difference I can think of are the lighting and the flow. Clearly the water is...
  51. Shinobi

    Tropica Ferts - Help With Dosing

    Hello Ukaps Im currently running a journal on my 60p "Reach Out". Unfortunately I just cant seem to get rid of the algae and archiving balance. Currently im running 8-hours with Chihiros a-series Plus (9600lm - 8000klvn) and a constant of 30mg/l co2 dosed with ph-controller and 2x 30-50% WC...
  52. Timbuck2

    Can anyone identify this please..

    Hi. I have had my tank just over 3 months. Over the last couple of days I've bright green algea at the front of my tank, doesn't see to be anywhere else just above the sand and goes down about half way in to it the substrate.. Wondered if and can give me some info on it please??
  53. H

    Cyanobacteria and a lot more... help!

    Hello everyone, I really need the help of you all as I'm very new to the Planted aquarium hobby. I have kept fish for a fair few years, mainly easy community fish and even had experience with a reef tank a while back. I recently managed to get hold of a 120L aquarium from a family member who...
  54. C

    Overun with hair algae!

    I really need some advice regarding algae as I'm fairly new to planted tanks & aquascaping.. Around 2 weeks ago I planted my 80 litre tank with the following plants & have been dosing Tropica Specialised 3ml daily: Rotala Green Ludwigia Palustris Tenellus Lindernia Rotundifolia HC Cuba Dwarf...
  55. Trevorb101

    Already worried after a few weeks ...... And years of failure

    I have had a 4ft tank for 20 years. Freshwater tropical. Always failed miserably to maintain any sort of healthy environment. So, time to start again and do it right. I bought a new Juwel Vision 260. I use both the included Bioflow 6.0 filter system and an external JBL e700 filter. Currently...
  56. Kezzab

    Has anyone successfully got rid of staghorn?

    I ask because in my (limited) experience, once it's arrived in your tank it stays and gets worse, irrespective of what you do - until the point you remove all your livestock and apply nuclear levels of glutaraldehyde. I've read all the staghorn threads so I doubt there's anything new anyone can...
  57. Glenda Steel

    Does green water matter if you don't keep fish?

    We have recently built a small pond (180cm x 130cm x 50cms deep - 635 litres) which we originally intended to be a simple reflection pool (dark still water not too deep), we now have added a small fountain for ambient noise (and keep gnats and mosquitoes at bay). It's a modern rectangle (black)...
  58. Cat

    Does having Cyanobacteria but not having any Algae tell you anything?

    Hello, I have my first aquascape going for a couple of months now and I am having issues with cyano but as I said I don't have any algae problems. Does the presence of one and not the other tell you anything about the setup, if you know what I mean? I would love to add fish, particularly Dwarf...
  59. Kezzab

    Radical algae treatment... tadpoles?

    I have two nano tanks running. One is high tech, cost me god knows how much and causes me mostly stress. It is covered in staghorn algae and houses about 6 shrimp (2 Amano, 4 cherry). The other cost the sum total of £15, features so far unidentified plants, dirt and assorted wildlife from our...
  60. Kezzab

    Is 200+ PAR causing problem?

    Despite doing just about everything that i've read to address this, i'm persistently getting staghorn algae and some GBA. The staghorn is mainly affecting Juncus Repens, and to a lesser extent the Weeping Moss. It is not touching the Rotala or Hydocolyte or Crypts. Trying to pick it off with...
  61. dr_dunno

    Is my Amazon Sword melting? Also a related BBA/algae question...

    I an a newbie in the wonderful world of aquarium and planted tanks. My planted tank is just over 3 weeks old now and is still cycling. These are my tank details: Tank size: 84L (~20G) - 60cm x 35cm x 40cm (L x W x H) Substrate: ADA AquaSoil Amazonia - 9L Normal and 2L Powder-M Plants in my...
  62. Manuel Arias

    Algae heritage

    Hi all, Well, after reading many posts about algae, I found that many people start from scratch when facing an algae problem that they do not manage to solve, so they decide that dropping off that tank and start again is better than fighting an uncontrolled or persistent algae. Thinking about...
  63. ScottW

    New High Tech Setup - Sudden Algae Outbreak

    Hi Everyone, New to the planted tank scene and I was wondering if you could help diagnose a potential algae outbreak in my tank, it's a high tech setup compromising of the following Tank specifications - ~425 liters, 60” x 18” x 24” Lighting - 4x 54watt T5 on between 14:00 & 22:00 (8 hours)...
  64. Lukmana91

    Hair Algae or BBA?

    The tank: Light: 54w SIze: 150 L CO2: injected but irregular due to regulator malfunction (is getting it sorted out) FIlter: Eheim Ecco Pro 300 The tank is newly set up and is only around 2 weeks old I was getting this strips of algae on my monte carlo, some folks have said that it is BBA, but...
  65. Matt Horne

    Hair Algae Nightmare!!! Please help

    Hi everyone, So I've got a horrible hair algae outbreak in my tank. Its probably been there for 2-3 weeks now and is driving me mad! So firstly, here are my tank stats: Tank size: 80x40x40 Set up for about 4 months. Ferts: EI (15ml dosed just as lights come on) Co2: Pressurised Co2 (drop...
  66. S

    Yet another problem identification and remedy question

    Hello Mates, I am not sure if this is an alg or not? Some green spots (3mm-10mm diameter) appeared on the substrate 2 weeks ago. They are like paint stains on floor while painting a room. It doesn't seem like spreading (well this is how I observe at the moment). Some info about the tank: Tank...
  67. Zak Rafik

    Is this Diatom algae? :(

    Hi everyone I have this brown stuff growing on my plants and substrate for the past 1 week. Also I notice this stuff can be wiped away easily from the plants. Can someone confirm if this is indeed diatoms and why I'm getting it after 1 year of having this tank? How do you treat this? Just for...
  68. Aqua Hero

    Causes and prevention of green thread algae

    at first i thought it was gone but it still around and growing moderately. what causes it and how do you stop it?
  69. Jop371

    What algae is this?

    Hi all, I've recently set up my Dennerle 20L nanocube, 10 days later I'm finding clumps of brown sludge clinging to the plants and wood. The lights are currently on for 8 hours a day and I'm currently injecting co2. Does anyone have any idea what kind of algae this is and what is causing it...
  70. scoobiemandan

    Stag Horn Algae....arggghhhh!

    I seem to be having a problem with unhealthy plants and stag horn algae in my aquarium which I can't seem to eradicate! First off; Tank specifications - Fluval Roma 240 Lighting - T8 40w x2 (Power Glo and Aqua Glow) Daily photoperiod - Currently 6 hours split 50/50 (3 hour gap) CO2 - Liquid...
  71. N

    Interested to hear people's views on how providing unlimited nutrients helps control algae?

    The question: How does EI, or any other method where the aim is to keep all nutrients at levels that are not limiting, help control algae growth? I have used such approaches with good results as have many others. I think most would agree that the basic principle is that all nutrients (including...
  72. Paks

    Hair Algae Problem

    2.5gals Tank 7hrs photoperiod(t5 8watts) 50% WC after 2weeks, used water from water refilling station(RO WATER) 17 days old tank. No Ferts and Co2 Hang-on Filter Jebo501, ordinary media filter Flora: hygro green and sunset, rotala green, bacopa and ludwigia. Fauna: 7pcs zebra pink Feeding: 2...
  73. Sakij7

    How to get rid of algae on fluorite?

    Hi everyone, A while ago I let my planted tank get a little out of control. Now im starting over with my plants, but I still need to get algae off of my fluorite. It is only on the top layer, but its coating individual pieces of the substrate. I'd like to avoid scooping it out and replacing it...
  74. Jason Burk

    Please help! Plants dying..

    Hi all you lovely people For months and months all I've tried hasn't worked, I just don't understand why my plants keep dying.. All my plants, Eleocharis acicularis, Staurogyne repens, Lilaeopsis novea-zeelandiae, and Pogostomon erectus - all either turn brown, yellow, or get bombarded by...
  75. John P Coates

    Sorry -yet another question about BBA

    I am beginning to see what I have identified as BBA growing mostly on the leaf edges of my slow-growing plants, rocks and driftwood. There is none on the substrate (JBL Manado). From doing some research on this site and elsewhere, it seems that growth of BBA (Audouinella) is caused by an...
  76. John P Coates

    My brain hurts...!

    Hi Folks, Just when it was safe to go back in the water (metaphorically speaking), I discover the following: http://aquarium-fertilizer.com/nitrate-no3-and-phosphate-po4-dont-cause-algae-ammonia-does Would anyone care to comment on this? Indeed, there are some other seemingly interesting...
  77. Raynor

    Urgent Identification of algae needed

    Hi UKAPS I have been trying to combat this algae for a month or so and recently it has gotten out of hand. Here are some photos of it. Upon removing it off the rocks as well as the substrate, it appears to be jelly like. My shrimps do not feed off this and this algae has started to...
  78. waters

    Green Hair Algae Battle

    Okay - I know, yet another thread on algae, but I've battled with my first planted tank for about 6 months now, and have nearly given up on more than one occasion. That said, there 'have' been moments of real pleasure, and I'm hooked, and so not ready to throw the towel in yet. Here's a video...
  79. waterspider

    (Ammonia) Fishless Cycle with Blackout

    Has anyone here ever tried a fishless cycle (w ammonia) in blackout to avoid algae? I saw a passing reference to it on one post for starting a low tech planted tank, but found no further details on it. I did, however, read that the desired nitrifying bacteria are photosensitive, so might...
  80. Willie B. Thomas

    Help with identifying Algae

    Hello, I need some help from the group to identify some algae that has started to grow in a new aquarium. Maybe more important now can I stop it / kill it! The tank was setup 21 days ago, and for the first 2 weeks I did 50% water changes 2 times a week. I'm using a 50/50 mix of tap and RO...
  81. Victor

    bacterial colony or algae?

    Hi, guys! I'm cycling my tank for 9 days and during this time have appeared an odd yellowish dust on the plants, gravel, rocks and at whole tank. I'm putting crystalized bacteria every day (sera bio nitrivec and dennerle aqua rico) to cycling the tank faster. Do you think this dust is several...
  82. RolyMo

    Ooooh My First Dedicated Shrimp Nano.

    When I think back a year ago when I first purchased my first ever tank, a Juwel Rio 180, the assistant in the fish shop said about shrimp and that he bet (cheekily) that I would get into it as it was the new thing. At the time, I thought he was mad and I nodded with a smile and moved back to the...
  83. Chris25

    Algae Outbreak

    Hi all, My first post here and unfortunately it has to be about the outbreak of algae I'm currently having! I've had my tank setup for around 8 months now, with fish in for around 6 months and up until around 2 weeks ago, virtually algae free! It's a Rio 180L. I have 4 T8 30W bulbs...
  84. Victor

    Blue-green algae toxity

    Hi, all. I'm with a doubt that are worrying me. I have a planted tank (300 L) infested with cyanobacteria. Could I put some shrimps in this tank or these "algae" are toxic and could kill them? Thank you.
  85. Kyle Lambert

    Stag Algae possibly? Need help.

    So i have very minor problems with algae in my tank for the most part. I get brown diatoms every few weeks for about 2 days and then they disappear again (testing is still inconclusive here as to why it happens) and apart from what i believe to be stag algae thats the only problem i really get...
  86. Lauris

    Guess what!? Algae issues! Help needed please!

    Hello! I'm newbie here! This forum was suggested for me to try to understand the cause of my issue with algae in my fish tank. I will try to find a time to introduce myself here but first of all I'm desperate to resolve my algae problems or at least to start to head in the right direction.. Let...
  87. John_42

    CO2 controller

    Does anyone have experience of this CO2 controller?
  88. L

    algae help causes and remedies

    Hi all ill give you tank infor first 240l fluval rome Fluval 305 filter 1600lph powerhead and 600 plh powerhead Pressurised co2 so the drop checker is yellow 1.5wpg t8 lights on for 6 hours co2 on 2 hours before lights Dosing ei mothod of kno3 4 tads i think one teaspoon kh2po4 3 dashes 3/8thd...
  89. french47

    Alien invasion of Algae

    I have been setting up a tank with a fish less cycle at the same time trying to sort out my lighting over the last 3 weeks. I have just come back after a week away and this is what I found. Question 1 What is it Question 2 will a tank black out kill it Question 3 Is it a strip down. The wood...