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Really nice, nice fish selection as well, Im hoping to start my first scape in a month or so, really inspiring looking at all these great scapes on the site, regards Mark.
Hi all, update 4 months:


Nothing special to say, my Iwagumi has 4 months now, I'm still trying to have a nice green monte carlo carpet in the middle and on the back of the tank because it has yellowed on month 2.

My daily ferts are: ada brighty K (2ml)+ada step2 (2ml)+easy carbo (1ml)

It's going better since I've boost my co2 level up...next step is a BIG trimming!

Very well done and documented.

Few months on, do you find that the substrate has flattened out a little?
Thanks! :)

No, the substrate hasn't flattened out at all, the carpet of monte carlo and eleocharis helps!
How do you trim the carpet?

its easy to uproot the whole lot and replant again, but im not sure on trimming?

do you find the Aquasky gets very hot at 80-100% ?