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Cool. Nice one on the oxydator. As for the snails It's just that there is loads of Pink Ramshorn in my tank. In the fish tank I originally put them in there to help, and never saw a population explosion like the one I am seeing in the shrimp tank.
Watched a nice video linked from hobbyshrimp. Added it to my youtube channel and then looked at others from the same place. Looks like a German breeder. I get the impression that the Benibachi stuff is top end?

You could insulate an out building or garage. We will put our place on the market in spring next year and then have a look whats available in the village we want to move to. If there was a garage or something I'm sure I could talk my husband around. Mind you, our water is shrimp death so It would cost an arm and a leg just get the water right.
Nathaniel. They are all from one of the sponsors freshwatershrimp
The majority are CRS SS however Ed did say that there would be no golden or white ofspring. So does that make them PRL? The colours in my limited experience of shrimp do appear to be lovely. The reds are a good deep red and the white is pretty good too. For my first batch I am impressed and thanks to Eduard at freshwatershrimp for sorting me out on my first foray into keeping CRS shrimp.

Thanks Steveno. I will continue to write my learning as to what is happening to the tank and shrimp.
Yes its nice when a supplier goes the extra mile, includes something extra or upgrades you. I only found out after the order and dropped him an email saying the shrimp looked fantastic and thank you. Great service.
So the next time I wanted something I went in personally to get some stuff. Its stuff like that, that really makes a difference and makes you come back for more.
Hopefully I will see if they really are pureline. Of course no certificate like the Benibachi etc. But hey I'm a noob. I just want some great looking shrimp to see in my planted tank.
I not sure I want to sniff the BeeMax. ;) I have neighbours who are in the police, I might get wrongfully busted. Already concerned about the Ferts for the plants I have might be misconstrued for another usage!!
In the end it smelt slightly musty/perfumed smell. Was shocked at the size and that it says 1 teaspoon a day. But Nathaniel has confirmed that you use the spoon included, which is weenie. So the pack is going last a long time. Not sure when the stuff sinks though?