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I know that I'm too late in commenting here but,..good gracious me Alastair !!! :) My dream fish is the gourami. I would be happy enough just to keep them healthy,...but to have them breeding for you mate !!! Congratulations & I hope they bring you tonnes of fun. You have earned it !!! I am so happy for you.:)

I love Pearl Gouramis,...so magical. I know you need a big tank to keep them happy, low surface movements, clean water , lots of shade, ..but what else do you think would make them feel at home?

In your experience what are the factors that one should take into account in successfully keeping gourami fishes?
Hi Faizal, I'm sure Al won't mind me giving some insight on keeping pearl gouramis. I think the factors you have mentioned is key to keeping pearls happy. I also, think keeping them in groups will help a lot! They will colour up and become less shy for sure as I believe they love socialising, this can be in a form of aggression just a peck here an there, not serious stuff. You can even see them use their pelvic fins feeling each other which I believe is also another social interaction/communication which goes to show a group is preferred. When I have kept them in pairs they would still do well, but if one passes away the other becomes shy until a replacement was found.

Thanks michael thats really really confidence enspiring and given me that extra to want to do as good in my next tank. I may set up a specific tank for the licorice for breeding so I can have the water really tannin stained and super soft and acidic. Something like a little 60 litre.
I cant really have the new tank tea stained unfortunately. Would spoil the

The Maidenhair still looks as lovely. Its roots have grown into the emmersed moss so it all came away as one. Much easier to attach to the new tank now


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Hi alastair

I am intrigued to know how you did that moss covering on your immersed plant? And what species is it?

Ive got my amazon shower caddies and im waiting for some hydroton as we speak :)

I love the low tech approach

Cheers richard.


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