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Wow well done alastair, I tried to breed them years ago and had absolutely no joy what so ever, youve got one hell of an achievement there

Congrats mate :)
The best compliment of all paid to the tank by the inhabitants themselves!
Amazing stuff.....again, and the new monster tank to look forward to aswell.
With these chocolates you are spoiling us :)

Thanks mate, im really made up and couldnt agree more that theyve rewarded me with lots of babies. They're fascinating to watch and actually look better as babies than adults :D
Definitely got the next tank to look forward to and hopefully ill be honoured enough to be presented with yet more babies in the new tank.
I could be wrong but under the impression that tank bred choccos should breed more easily or have a better survival rate of fry.
I totally missed noticing any hiding female or protective male and I spend ages watching the tank

BOOM!! Free chocolate.

Lots of it too George ha ha. Plenty to go around by the look of it ;)

That's fantastic mate especially with the problems you had to start with. When do you plan on starting the new mega tank up?

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Thanks ali. I think it may have been a culmination of the very warm weather we just had as my dining room gets full on sun during the day and I slightly overdosed on almond leaves and alder cones about 4 weeks ago to the point the water actually looked like chocolate.

Ill be starting a new journal on the next tank today and start the tank up pretty much as soon as its come. Give or take a day or two.
Worthy of a move to "Featured Journals". Nice one Alastair. :)

Your spoiling me now mate thank you ha ha. Only down side to that now is ill have to fix all the broken links to all the earlier photos courtesy of flickr grrr.
Thanks George really made my week this tank has.

Wow well done alastair, I tried to breed them years ago and had absolutely no joy what so ever, youve got one hell of an achievement there

Cheers mark, ive never had any joy, ive had 2 mums die from holding on too long and not eating and one ate her eggs when she dropped them through her gills.
Im hoping this will be the first of many

Brilliant Al, you must be really chuffed. Any idea how many there are?

Also - 4 weeks?! :nailbiting:
Yeah Mate im well chuffed. It was the shock when I saw them and then the excitement kicked in. I thought from a distance they were baby shrimp.
Ive counted 21 so far and all look healthy and full if colour

I know...4 weeks. Im going to have to try and delay it a bit as I cant go moving these that soon. If not ill have a very very full dining room :confused:

Facebook here we come!

Well done mate, this makes you a gourami legend!

Saw the facebook post thanks mate. Im famous ha ha ; )
I think your right mate, either a legend or just very lucky. Kind of feels lije theyve thanked me by giving me babies

Better chocoLATE than never hey mate! They will BOOST your numbers up niceley...

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:lol: thats a good one mate lol. Only just clocked the 'boost' comment ha ha. Massive cabinet session next week hey ???

Nice going, they're obviously very happy in there...so yep - what Ady said.
Thanks Troi they look it indeed. I love there colours. Charged my camera up to get some half decent shots but I think its faulty as the macro mode cant focus :(

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Congratulations mate, though of any names yet?

Cheers mate, ha ha I couldn't make up enough names but im thinking
Simon snickers
Marky mars
Toby twix
Fiona fudge
Davey drifter
Belgian ben
Ferrero freddy
Roberto roses
Winona whirl
Double decker derek

And any more I can think of :D:D
Is that "Freddo Fry I see there !?" ........ O wait no it's Areo Al ...... What a Dime Bar! I must be going CoCo.....

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:lol: I can see you having me crippled with laughter doing the cabinet build ha ha

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just a short video of some of the fry grouped together eating. pardon the shaky hands i'm on the mend!!! select 720 for better quality

a close up of 8 fry hanging out above a leaf all seem to be doing really well
chocolate gourami fry by Mr-T-, on Flickr

and the crystals are it it too now.... think theyre trying to keep there home
Crystal Black Shrimp by Mr-T-, on Flickr
Definitely worth to be in Featured Journals! Congrats. ;) Aaand can't wait to see that 1400 litre monster planted in. :)

Cheers xtevo. Im going to spend the next day or two trying to re link all the missing pictures now George kindky moved it to the featured section.
All babies are doing fantastic, nice stable temp of 25 degrees and greedily munching on banana worms. Think theyll do great now
I thought I had written this already, but I cant find it... what will be the dimensions of the new tank and are you going via Neptunes or have found someone else who can make Acrylic tanks that size?

Hiya Sanj, the dimensions of the new tank are 1800x1000x700 height mm. I opted for glass mate as I just couldn't quite stretch to the prices for acrylic unfortunately. Well I could but would have left myself short for other equipment plus ive just got a new bike too which cost me more than the tank :oops: