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  1. AquaJoe69

    Fizzing sound from inline diffuser

    Hi, I recently bought an inline diffuser from co2art (16/22) since I wanted a more clean look in my 140L. The diffuser has been set up for about a week but since yesterday starting to make "fizzing" noises. Is that supposed to happen when it's broken in so to speak or do I have a leak...
  2. R

    Leaky co2 cyllinder

    Hi! My fire extinguisher started leaking when the handle is pressed. It seems to be coming somewhere from where the handle/switch attach to the tank (not the CO2 regulator). Any idea how to proceed or what may be wrong with it ? Thanks!
  3. H

    CO2 - 2kg Fire Extinguishers

    Hey guys, long time since I've been here - but I thought it might be a good thing to pop in and recommend a great guy for CO2 (in 2kg and sometimes 5kg bottles) for ridiculously cheap compared to commercial options. Been visiting him for over 5 years now, currently has quite a few bottles (must...
  4. Hanuman

    CO2 reactor Hanuman style

    I was asked earlier today through PM to share how I built my CO2 reactor. Unfortunately at the time I build it 3 years ago, I didn't really record the process but I did take some pictures here and there. I thought perhaps it would be beneficial to the community to share some of these pictures...
  5. LightingBamboozled

    Alternanthera Reineckii struggling or just settling in?

    About 3 weeks ago I added plants to my tank and cut back the jungle Vallis that was taking over in a bit of a mini rescape. One of the plants was AR. The leaves have been holey/melting since it was added and as soon as it's damaged my Amano's and SFF's are chewing through them. Should I be...
  6. T

    Solenoid with Tropica CO2 system nano

    Hi! I’ve recently decided to give CO2 a go for the first time. I’ve bought the tropics co2 system nano for my 30 litre tank but it doesn’t come with a solenoid. I know there are already threads on this but none really give a definitive answer on what to use...
  7. neofy705

    Staghorn Algae causes other than CO2?

    Hello all, I've set up my tank around 3 months ago. I got away with little to no algae but the last few weeks I'm struggling a bit with staghorn. I think co2 is not a problem. Lime green to yellow and circular flow. Could it be lack of nutrients? I only dose 4ml of TNC complete per day and...
  8. Nont

    Aquatic CAM plants question

    Hello all, I’d like to know if there is any advantages of using CO2 at night in a tank with CAM plants; Sagittaria, Vallisneria, Isoetes?
  9. Framed Nature

    CO2 for Micro Tanks

    Hi all! I am setting up a 1.5G micro nano tank and have been trying to find a co2 system (afforable) sufficient for it. I have been using my neo co2 diy set for my 3G and realized that the output is too much, which means it would be even worse for a 1.5G, especially because I plan to have...
  10. Mr.Shenanagins

    Cerges Reactor w/ Venturi

    For a while I have been using a needle wheel pump for my co2 diffusion and while it works well, I’m not convinced that just the mist is enough for my sumped setup, not to mention its unsightly. I have not been happy with my plant growth and have noticed some unsightly algae that I believe is due...
  11. Mike87

    My Hitech

  12. Courtneybst

    Medium Energy? - Running a low level of CO2...

    Hi guys, I know this has probably been asked to death but I can't seem to find a definitive thread about it. I'm planning to rescape my 120cm and 60cm tanks and I wondered if I could run them with a lower level of CO2... maybe 15ppm? The reason behind this is 1. To save on refills, 2. I've...
  13. Nont

    Are CO2 and ferts bad for fish health long term?

    I myself have never killed fishes with CO2 and have tetra breed several time in high-tech iwagumi and still manages to get a warning about fish cruelty on other website. Are CO2 and regular ferts dosage really bad for fishes health?
  14. R

    In need of some extra eyes (&brains) on my tank

    Fellow aquarians, please take a sec to to hear me out about my tank..

 Three weeks ago I cleaned out my office tank – Fluval Flex 57L – which was very neglected since the summer holidays. Heavy cyanobacteria all over the place, removed that all, took out the hardscape, cleaning the tank...
  15. Carbondioxide

    Multitasking made easy

    When you're using our Pro Elite regulator, supplying an additional aquarium is simple. Just add an extra manifold, select a diffuser and that's it. Our Pro Elite regulator has been available for several years now along with the additional manifolds but when we see someone supplying multiple...
  16. Carbondioxide

    Product Review Our acrylic iO Diffuser is on sale

    🌱 Excellent CO2 dissolution rates thanks to the nano co2 mist technology membrane. ✅ 🌱 Easy maintenance and durable materials make IO Diffuser a perfect choice for novice and expert aquascapers alike. ✅ 🌱 Designed to be used as a regular glass CO2 atomizer diffuser, but offering higher CO2...
  17. aspmos

    What is this all about?

    Please excuse me if you have explain this before, I tried but didn't find an answer. Recently I've got some JBL water tests, and a board like this was inside. Can anyone explain how to use it? Does this mean that in a specific pH and KH you have this amount of CO2 in the water? And if yes then...
  18. algae_connoisseur

    Can you ever completely eradicate algae?

    I was wondering if it is possible to create a completely ‘algae free’ set up? Is it just equilibrium to have algae as part of the balance? Every tank iv ever seen has it somewhere to the naked eye, so what are your views Andy
  19. W

    CO2 Diffusion Help

    So I am running a 55 gallon planted aquaruim with a sump and internal overflow box. I just added CO2 to my system, but am finding the design of my system with the overflow box in the center created split water circulation patterns (see pictures). So the CO2 from the diffuser only circulates on...
  20. jaypeecee

    Can Anyone Recommend A Reliable CO2 Check Valve?

    Hi Folks, I have used several manufacturers' CO2 check valves and found some to be not fit-for-purpose. In other words, they allow water to flow in the opposite direction to the CO2. This can happen when the CO2 is switched off by a solenoid valve, for example. I just want something that is...
  21. Victor

    CO2 gaseous equilibrium with atmosphere

    Hi, folks! What's the correct equilibrium concentration of CO2 in water with atmosphere? I read in Diana Wastad book's (Ecology of planted aquarium) that it's about 0,5 ppm. But most people say it's 3 ppm. I'm quite confused. So, it's 0,5 or 3? Thank you.
  22. E

    Problem with Bubble Counter, pressure inconsistency when full/low liquid.

    I have a problem with my bubble counter, when it's full of water the bubble count about 1 bubble per second but after the water evaporates, the bubbles increase, at 75% of water, the bubble counter is about 3 bbs, at 25% of water, is about 4 bbs. In other words, the pressure increases when is...
  23. WaterCulture

    17L Dutch Style Nano Aquascape

    Hi everyone. id like to direct you towards our YouTube channel where we do 12 week long series (The current one is the step by step of a dutch style nano aquarium) we also upload regular shorts on the various fish and plants that we keep, We also have a poll on the channel for ideas for the...
  24. T

    Looking to get into CO2, what should I go for?

    Hi everyone I have a 70 L planted tank and would like to get CO2 on it as liquid CO2 doesn't seem to work too well for me and I really want to boost my plant growth (ive never been able to achieve pearling yet either :() I've been considering a few options as I have a fairly low budget...
  25. Hanuman

    PH rise in water cup

    Hello, I would like to have the chemical explanation of why water taken out of a tank, in say a cup, will have its PH rise and be > to the PH of the water in the tank. This is assuming the following: The tank has some aquasoil that buffers PH. Co2 is not being injected at the moment water is...
  26. Cactusface

    BBA and low light!

    Hi, For the last 2 years or so I have been fighting a battle with BBA! I've tried bleach and H202 to no avail. Yesterday I tried again, soaked my rocks in a bleach-water mix, pulled my plants to bits, getting rid of all those ugly black leaves, cleaned the filter, etc. Gave up on Co2, but...
  27. Kalum

    Progression - ADA 75P - partially planted

    My previous scape in this tank ended here: The Island - ADA 75P - It's been a while.... Easy title as i'm hoping that after just 3 years in hobby i've at least progressed a tiny bit and able to put into practice what i've learned so far (with a lot still to learn). Main idea of this scape will...
  28. T

    Help with CO2 Canister

    So I found a kit for Co2 but I just need the bottle/canister. Can I use wielding canisters and such? Im hoping to get a good month out of it at least but I don't know what size I should go for? any help is appreciated I admit Co2 might be overkill but I want to give plants best chance they can...
  29. T

    CO2 Working Pressure

    Hi All, I'd really appreciate some advise from the CO2 experts! I've just installed my first CO2 reg (CO2 Art Pro SE) using the Sodastream system (space saving for now!). Running at 1 bubble/2 seconds in a 55l heavily planted cube as a starting point. All working, no apparent leaks, but I...
  30. H

    remineralise Ro water with 0 kh?

    hello, so i use Ro water and i would like to remineralise it with seachem equilibrium but I'm aware that this has no affect on Kh. so my question is can i use reminerailse my ro water with only sachem equilibrium even though the Kh will be 0? i use Ada aquasoil and my co2 is at 30ppm, i also...
  31. Nathanh2150


    What’s everyone’s opinion on the, NEW CO2Art Inline CO2 Aquarium Atomizer Diffuser System and the SEACHEM IN-LINE DIFFUSER Thinking of buying the new co2art inline co2 aquarium atomizer diffuser system .. :D for my biomaster 250 thermo exturnal filter
  32. Nathanh2150

    Fire extinguisher co2

    Reaching out to those that use co2 fire extinguisher’s on there planted aquariums where’s the best place to buy a 2kg bottle from either online if so what websites also if anyone is local to Norwich where to buy in the city :) much appreciated :p
  33. Ags11

    How many bubbles equals one gram of CO2?

    Just curious, does anyone know how much a CO2 bubble weighs?
  34. BenjP

    Staghorn and trimming H. pinnatifida: how much is too much?

    Hi all, I recently had a cheap Wilko plug timer conk out on me, resulting in my Co2 running 24hrs a day for what must have been the best part of a week. I've replaced the faulty timer, but unsurprisingly I'm now facing Co2-related algae issues in the form of a particularly nasty staghorn...
  35. R

    Regulating co2 working pressure

    I am hoping someone can assist with the following problem. First of all, I am very new to this, so I could be doing something very simple wrong. I recently bought a CO2 art regulator, and I am having a very difficult time using the working pressure knob – notably reducing the pressure to...
  36. jaypeecee

    A New Optimum Dissolved CO2 Concentration?

    Hi Folks, It would appear that JBL have decided on a new optimum CO2 level in users' tanks. Instead of the 30 mg/l figure, which has been 'the norm' for a good many years, JBL seem to be rolling out their latest drop checker (DC) test sets with a new optimum of 20 mg/l. See below...
  37. P

    Best ferts for the plant plus the shrimp

    Hi All! I want to find out which fert is most suitable for my aquarium and shrimp. So, My tank size is 60cm * 40cm * 40cm Light: ATI Sun power 4×24 W lámpa incl. dimmcomputer: 1W/litre 3 pieces - Sylvania 865 T5 HO 24W = 5550 lm 1 piece - Eheim Freshpower Daylight T5 24W = 1850 lm...
  38. H

    Fascinated to learn of this group and to join it

    Just adding a second tank so as I can finally get a couple of Angelfish without them eating the rest of my community! With a 320l large tank already, have gone for a smaller 140l one from Gumtree and this comes with a CO2 system which is new for me to get used to. Hopefully it will not end in...
  39. Carbondioxide

    January sales 20% off everything

    If your looking at changing your diffuser or starting a new aquascape in the new year, visit our website and take advantage of our January sale. discounts available across our entire range of products until the 5th January. www.co2art.co.uk
  40. D

    AquaRio NEO eBay clone

    What do you guys think of this clone? Does it work just as well? It's 1/3 of the price of the original. Tempting...
  41. JMorgan

    low tech CO2 - passive diffusion

    Sorry if this has already been discussed - I did search for "passive CO2" but couldn't find anything, so here goes: I recently stumbled across a video showing an aquatics shop in San Francisco, "Ocean Aquariums" (misnamed as all freshwater!) where the owner does things a little differently...
  42. Carbondioxide

    Are you in, or our?

    What is your preferred method of diffusing CO2 in your aquarium?
  43. Geraint Anderson

    CO2 setup dimensions for small space

    Hi, I'm thinking about adding CO2 to my Juwel Vision tank but it doesn't have the original cabinet. The one that came with it is quite a bit shorter and the cupboard's internal height is only 46cm. Is it possible to fit a CO2 system or is the space too small? Looking at the dimensions of a fire...
  44. jaypeecee

    Why Advise A 1pH Drop?

    Hi Folks, I don't understand why a 1pH drop is advised when setting up a profile for injected CO2. For example, if the water KH is 4dH and the starting pH is 7.3, the CO2 concentration will be approximately 6 ppm. But, after a 1pH drop to 6.3, the CO2 concentration will be a staggering 60 ppm...
  45. jaypeecee

    Fluctuating CO2 Levels

    Hi Folks, Would anyone care to quantify fluctuating CO2 levels? This term crops up a lot but exactly what does it mean? The word 'fluctuating' refers to something that varies with time. So, when we refer to fluctuating CO2, are we referring to CO2 levels that vary throughout the photoperiod...
  46. W

    DOOA CO2 System Kit

    Hello everyone! I started my first iwagumi style tank (nano) just this summer. Since I have a nano tank I bought the DOOA CO2 System Kit cause I Thought I looked cool. https://www.aquasabi.com/DOOA-CO2-System-Kit Little did I know then of the problems I would run into. One of them but also...
  47. Conort2

    In tank or external diffuser

    Hi Currently have an external qanvee atomiser, this works well and have no issues however I am rather lazy when it comes to cleaning it and is abit of a pain to clean if I’m honest. This laziness probably causes my co2 to drop off at times which can be an issue. Thinking of switching to an...
  48. F

    CO2 And filter recommendations

    I have recently bought a JUWEL LIDO 200 which I have Aquascaped and planted moderately-heavily. I set this all up without considering the need for co2 or perhaps an upgraded filtration system as the one that comes with the tank isn’t good enough and doesn’t look very nice. I have been...
  49. plantman123

    I Stopped BBA without any chemicals or water change

    Been battling it for a month. Using toothbrush to scrape it off plants. The worst part was the sponge filter it loves porus materials. I didn't think it would work or in fact would make it worse.. but thought I would try it as a last resort option. I completely shut off the co2 and after a...
  50. N

    Clay Pellets and CO2 Problems

    Recently finished building a Paludarium that a managed to seed and obtain a good covering of Glossostigma on the floor. All looked good until I filled with water, and within two days it all started to die. After doing some research I came to the conclusion that there wasn't enough CO2 in the...
  51. Crazy_Walrus

    Co2 possible fault?

    Hello, I have just set up my co2 system. The diffuser is now full of co2 and there's no water left in it. My issue is that there are not many bubbles coming out of the diffuser at all. I have it at 1 bubble per second and the diffuser has a tiny amount of bubbles? Is the correct or is...
  52. Ryouku2015

    Ro water and chemistry shrimp tank

    Hi im moving my shrimp to a 125l from a 27l and have been using an ro filter which was 25gpd I've now upgraded to 200gpd and wanted to check as I'm still new to using RO water it's reduces to 4 tds from 450 which I presume is fine as it's about 99% and waste is at 1:1.25 when I measured. Just...
  53. Aqua Hero

    First month of an aquascape

    So you've planted a bunch of in-virto plants and have flooded the tank. You got the co2 running, lights on and filter flowing. Now what? Currently with my tank, some of the plants are melting back (which is to be expected), the light is on the lowest setting running for 6 hours and co2 is on...
  54. Aqua Hero

    Co2 tubing keeps popping off

    Hello, I've run into a really annoying issue with my regulator. The stupid c02 tubing keeps popping off the push fitting. I had my psi set to 40 and I'm using an intank bazooka diffuser. Is there a way to remove the push fit and replace it with a lock screw fitting instead?
  55. C

    Complete makeover!!!

    Hey everybody So I’ve a Juwel Lido 200 that I think is ready for an makeover. I’m looking to go heavily planted but have no co2 etc as of yet (just the lights/heater/filter). Happy to go co2 to ensure a better balanced tank. We can talk everything from substrate to hardscape to plants. All...
  56. Ryouku2015

    Ideal Water Parameters

    Hi I have a 240l tank that I have now converted to a high tech planted tank. Ive decided to use RO water and remineralise as my tap water is terrible (about 60-80ppm nitrate and very hard water) and have been deciding on what parameters to aim for and so far ive settled on a pH of 7, GH of 6...
  57. Aqua Hero

    First month of a new aquascape

    I've been reading and watching videos to recap on this hobby again after a long break I saw a video where someone said that I have to do water changes everyday for the first week, then every other day for the next 3 week's. Then after that I can do weekly water changes. Is this necessary...
  58. P


    I have had a 64 litre tank for a few years, and on the whole few problems. I have now splashed out on a Juwel Vision 180. My tank is planted, and I seem to be having issues with plants dying. It has been pointed out me that Co2 is my issue. Needless to say I feel quite thick after been a...
  59. DutchMuch

    Emersed Culture, [The Beginner Basics].

    So I decided to do a how-to on Emersed Culture(s) for newbies to the whole "Emersed World!" of aquatic plants. Background: I have been planting and "Harvesting" Emersed aquarium (or aquatic) plants, for around 3 years now. In that time I have learned a lot in such little time, that is due to...
  60. L

    Fire extinguisher under rio240

    Hi, Considering setting up a 2Kg fire extinguisher co2 setup under my RIO240. Has anyone had any issues fitting this in the supplied cabinet? Mainly concerned about height of the cylinder and regulator (probably co2art SE) Thinking a 2Kg firechief CO2 extinguisher Thanks
  61. wolfewill

    Starting Utricularia graminifolia with DSM

    I’m been attempting to grow Utricularia graminifolia as a carpet plant in an 15 gallon iwagumi set up. This led me to do an online search to see what conditions have worked for others. In addition to the usual specialty web sites I looked at various blogs as well. So what follows is the progress...
  62. Zedan

    Adapting Plants After Dry Start Method

    I'd like to get opinions on this method of adapting plants to life underwater after a dry start. What are your experiences with plants adapting after dry start method? Specifically with Dwarf Hairgrass (acicularis eleocharis sp. mini), anubias, and Ludwigia Mini Super Red. Or otherwise, has...
  63. Snail Weeb

    Supplies for an Iwagumi

    I would like to set up a small iwagumi styled tank, 20 gallon long or maybe a 30 gallon. 20 gallons is 75 litres in metric. I dont know what equipment i need though No tutorial or guide i've foud really goes over the lights, co2, or any of that sort of detail. I would like to know some...
  64. Crazy_Walrus

    CO2 regulator

    Hi I'm looking for a CO2 set up for my 140L tank. I'm currently looking at regulators and they seem to be the most pricey bit. Anyone recommend any that are sub £100? I don't have a Huge budget but want to give my plants the CO2 they deserve.
  65. Sammy Islam

    Algae - co2 and fluval F&p 2.0

    Hello i'm new to this forum but have been ghosting for years. I have been battling algae for a while and i'm starting to give up, its not bad but very fustrating trying to balance everything. mainly on the annubias and some buce, but also some bba on the tips of my tall cryps and they started...
  66. H

    First Co2 system - advice?

    Hi all! So I’m looking to purchase my first co2 system for a 15g tank. I’ve found one on co2supermarket which seems to be highly reccomended by the lovely people here on the forum. I just have a few questions before I take the plunge. Firstly concerning the choices for ‘Solenoid Type’. What’s...
  67. jaypeecee

    Does anyone use the JBL Direct CO2 test kit?

    Hi Folks, Does anyone use (or tried) the JBL Direct CO2 test kit? I am referring to the following: https://www.jbl.de/en/products/detail/6449 I decided to try this kit as it gives an instant (well, 5 minutes) measurement of dissolved CO2. I thought it was worth a try as I get frustrated...
  68. Kalum

    Anyone used new Co2art inline diffuser (qanvee)

    Just wondering if anyone has used the new Co2art inline diffusers yet and has any feedback? https://www.co2art.eu/collections/co2-accessories/products/new-co2art-inline-co2-aquarium-atomizer-diffuser-system-16-22mm-hose
  69. jaypeecee

    Drop Checker Blocked By White Film

    Hi Folks, My new glass conventional drop checker is giving misleading readings. And I have good reason to believe that it's being caused by a white film that builds up near to the DC entrance. In other words where the CO2 gas diffuses from the water surface to the airspace inside the DC. See...
  70. Filip Krupa

    Drop checker green BEFORE co2 ON

    Hi Peeps. On my 2000L sumped setup, Ive noticed that my drop checker is almost lime green BEFORE co2 on. Noticing this every day lately. Anyone else had this happen? Drop checker liquid changed, turned the lights on (with co2 off), and got some pearling. So I dont think its the measurement...
  71. Christopher Cook

    Logic help needed

    Hello fellow UKAPians. I need some advice/logic. So I have a FE connected to a single stage regulator. When I got home the FE handle had popped open the duct tape I used to seccur it. The inline diffuser still hadn't filled up with water (which meant that it had happened within the last hour...
  72. D

    CO2 Valves

    Hello - I am new to this forum. I've had a small aquarium for awhile, but am upgrading it to a larger one for more fish/plants. I will be having a CO2 line and have a few questions on valves. Are most people using solenoid valves on timers?
  73. Christopher Cook

    Dropped pressure

    Hi I set up a regulator with seloniod to a fire extinguisher yesterday afternoon. The tank or cylinder (high) pressure was around 850. The seloniod turned off at around 6pm. This morning I checked and the pressure has dropped to 800. I checked for leaks yesterday, once with seloniod off and...
  74. oscarlloydjohn

    Any need for a bubble counter?

    I have an Aquario Neo diffuser and was wondering if the bubbles coming from the pipe at the bottom of the diffuser would work fine as a bubble counter (maybe it would have uneven flow?) I don't see a need for unnecessary clutter so I'd love to not have to buy an inline one. Cheers
  75. Marc Davis

    How To: DIY co2. Secret Formula

    Hi guys, I'm sure you all know how to make co2, but i made this video to help newcomers to planted tanks. With such an easy way to make co2 and the massive impact it has on your plants, it should be a must for most planted tanks (that have any decent depth to them). I know i found this forum...
  76. Benauld

    CO2 Source

    Hi guys, Well, I'm still a good deal away from setting up anything yet, but I'm using my time wisely to do lots of research. Whilst I was looking at possible CO2 sources I came across something called "food grade" CO2. Does anyone know exactly how this differs from the CO2 in fire...
  77. Christopher Cook

    95g co2 finished in 4 days

    Hi, I've recently set up a 25l tank. I hooked it up with a 95g CO2 canister that is fed into a JBL inline diffuser. For the first two days I was releasing about 15 bubbles a minute. Then on the third day I got a drop indicator the only way I could get it from blue to green was to do about 60...
  78. mike L

    "Second Hand" Surface Agitation!

    I've ran air-stones at lights out, I've ran them 24/7 with co2 cranked up to compensate. The battle for good oxygen levels without de-gassing co2 always seems to take place at the water surface which recently led me to an idea/experiment. What if I create "another" surface which I can aerate...
  79. Glenda Steel

    Aquarium size and algae?

    Firstly I apologise if I've posted in the wrong area, I can't seem to find a section on Aquariums (i.e. the actual glass tank). We're thinking of purchasing a second tank and I've been looking at various sizes of nano tanks (up to 55l). Can anyone tell me if the smaller nano tanks (ie the...
  80. Kezzab

    co2 straight into filter inlet

    Just to experiment I've taken off the diffuser on my nano and have fed the co2 line direct into the filter intake. There is clearly co2 collecting in the canister, when i shake it it burps out. But it's not making any additional noise. Are there any long term problems with this approach?
  81. Kalum

    Feedback CO2Art - 9/10, could easily be 10

    Bought a new dual stage kit from CO2Art last week which arrived quickly and nicely packaged. Impressed with the quality of all the kit for the price and is always nice to see good value doesn't need to mean the quality suffers. Spoken to Karol regarding a few things with setup and their...
  82. Kalum

    Co2 Supermarket Dual Stage Regulator - opinions?

    Anyone had any experience of the older Co2Supermarket dual stage regulators? They don't sell these anymore and have replaced them with a different version so struggling to find any info on it. Been offered one for a good price after I've been looking at the Co2 Art ones (brand new) and just...
  83. Tamekascaping

    New to CO2, please help!

    Ive looked online but can’t seem to find out whether I’ve set up my pressurised co2 system properly (it came with no instructions) I’ve made a quick video, if anyone knows what I may have done wrong, I’d appreciate your advice, thanks!
  84. Tamekascaping

    Newbie from East London looking for CO2 and aquascaping advice

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on purchasing a Juwel Lido 200 next week. It will be the first time I've used CO2 and tried to aquascape. Any tips for a beginner? My dad and I have always kept aquariums but this CO2 introduction has made me nervous! If anyone knows a decent place to purchase gas...
  85. scoobiemandan

    GSA and Phosphate

    Tank - Jewel Trigon 350 Lighting - Jewel Helialux 54W and cheap white LED strip at rear CO2 - Easylife Liquid Carbon (6ml every day prior to lights on) Filtration - Fluval 306/1150lph and APS EFX+2000/2000lph Fertilisation routine - Easylife Profito (30ml weekly after water change) Maintenance...
  86. Aquarium_scape_n_fish

    Co2 bubbles per second in a reactor

    I have just converted from using an in tank diffuser to an external reactor to mix my co2 and eliminate the fizzy look. Using the diffuser, my pressurised sodastream system ran at about 2 bubbles per second and turned the drop checker to an ideal lime green. Now I have the co2 running at 3...
  87. doylecolmdoyle

    Qanvee M1 Out-Tank Co2 Atomizer

    I ordered one of these newer style inline atomizers from ali-express, cost about $20 AUD delivered, it arrived today, I will use this thread to review the co2 atomizer, first post is just an unboxing and photos, will try get this installed over the weekend and review on its performance compaired...
  88. Jimbo1981

    Liquid Carbon Overdose Signs?

    Hi I'm pretty new to the aquascape scene and just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to know whether or not i'm overdosing the tank using Liquid Carbon. The CO2 Gas type looked a bit "Pro" for my needs, but after much reading i may end up going down that route anyway. For now, i have...
  89. Something Fishy

    Cleaning co2 diffuser and solenoid pressure

    Hi Tried 6% h202 on my diffuser but very little is clean, left over night and tried liquid carbon too and still algae is present. Bleach the only option left? I thought of trying Cola or something has anybody tried that? Gonna move it out of the light next time I think... I have an inline...
  90. Jun Xhu

    General Hardness

    Is it the level of CO2 solubility can affect the GH level?
  91. maboleth

    My plants never pearl

    I started using pressurized CO2. Currently drop checker is green, my KH is 7, Ph 7, so I should have 21ppm of CO2 at all times. I have 250l tank with 3x39w T5 light bulbs. However, not a single plant pearls. I've noticed a stream of bubbles from Anubias nana leaf, but that's it. I expected my...
  92. Shinobi

    ADA 60p "Reach Out"

    Hey guys! been lurking for a while now, thought it'd be my turn to take on an high-tech aquascape and would appreciate your comments and inputs as it goes along. Please excuse my bad English /: what we have so far: ADA 60p. JBL 901 Cristalprofi filter. inline Hydor 200w heater. Chihiros A-series...
  93. Timbuck2

    Liquid CO2 Help

    Hi. I have I question about easycarbo.:) I brought some at the weekend and started dosing it every morning before I go to work. The timer on my lights are set for 1330pm and I'm planning on dosing at 0630am will It still work or will I be just wasting it? how long does it last for?
  94. AndyVox

    Emersed start - 80 x 40 x 40 high tech

    Hey, I used to frequent here alot a few years ago before getting pulled into marine for a few years. Due to huge building work at home I closed down my marine tank and have been thankless for the last 6 or so months, then I got the itch to go planted again... So here we are! A few of my...
  95. Plexus


    Hello, Over many months I have found some very useful tips on this site, I just never got around to setting up an account until now. I have been on the search for information on setting up a CO2 system on a 240L tank. I am having difficulty finding a supplier of a large CO2 cylinder, as well...
  96. C

    Overun with hair algae!

    I really need some advice regarding algae as I'm fairly new to planted tanks & aquascaping.. Around 2 weeks ago I planted my 80 litre tank with the following plants & have been dosing Tropica Specialised 3ml daily: Rotala Green Ludwigia Palustris Tenellus Lindernia Rotundifolia HC Cuba Dwarf...
  97. iDigit

    Citric Acid CO2 DIY

    Hello, I am in the process of setting up a Trigon 190 planted tank. This will be my first venture into a CO2 equipped tank. However, I want to use a DIY citric acid/baking soda mixture. I have found many recipes, many designs and tons of ideas ... but no information on how much citric acid /...
  98. iDigit

    Citric Acid CO2 DIY

    Hello, I am in the process of setting up a Trigon 190 planted tank. This will be my first venture into a CO2 equipped tank. However, I want to use a DIY citric acid/baking soda mixture. I have found many recipes, many designs and tons of ideas ... but no information on how much citric acid /...
  99. iDigit

    Citric acid CO2 system

    Hello, I am in the process of setting up a Trigon 190 planted tank. This will be my first venture into a CO2 equipped tank. However, I want to use a DIY citric acid/baking soda mixture. I have found many recipes, many designs and tons of ideas ... but no information on how much citric...
  100. Richard Dowling

    JBL Pro Flora Direct Inline Diffuser - Your Experiences?

    Hi All, Do any of you have any experiences with the JBL Pro Flora Direct - Inline CO2 Diffuser? I have used a particular inline diffuser (Which I wont name because I respect the retailer) over the last few years and have had to have the plastic casing replaced 3 times on warranty. Its cracked...